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Back Home, and making a list

Back home from Vancouver, and once again, I come close-but-no-cigar on SV cast sightings. Last time I was in Vancouver, I saw Jared Padalecki and got to bond with one of his dogs (Jared was cute, the dog was ADORABLE!). This time around, I sat one table over from Shawn Ashmore at my hotel bar. He looked good. Taller then you would think.

I also saw Eric McCormick and Ricky Schroeder. Yeah, not that thrilling.   McCormick looked good.  Schroeder is shorter then I thought, and has terrible skin.

Coming back, I've noticed that all the cool kids are making S7 SV wishlists. I went back and forth on making one myself, since I am so down on the S7 spoilers. But maybe this will restore just a speck of enthusiasm for tomorrow's premiere:

Type your cut contents here.

1. More Clark focused stories, and no, that doesn't mean focusing on him playing big brother/mentor/father figure for bratty cousins, or being Lana's boyfriend. I want to see Clark be more proactive, take more of the initiative, and not take so much shit from people.

2. I want any episode that deals heavily with Lara to be very significant and emotional for CLARK. Kara can go scratch her ass.

3. Chloe loses the lame krypto-power. And ends things with Jimmy for good, but not bitterly.

4. Clark and Jimmy become better friends. If Jimmy and Kara hook-up?  Whatever.

5. Lois does NOT date her editor at the Daily Planet, but instead really delves headfirst into her new career. I want to see her really dedicate herself to becoming better at her job.  And I don't care if the editor is hot for her, but I want him to be exposed as a baddie and a minion of Lex's.

6. Clark, Lois, Chloe and Jimmy all team up to find proof to nail Lex.

7. If Clark and Lana are going to hook up again (Ugh!), then I want them to give it a go, but have them find out there's just too much much water under that bridge, and realize that you can't always go back again.   I want this to be over by mid-season.

8. A darker, more diabolical Lana would be fun, but that can't happen unless we clearly see that Clark isn't alright with that. I'd be interested in seeing a Lana thats increasingly paranoid and hostile to anyone potentially coming between her and Clark (Chloe, Lois, Lex, Kara), and see her act on that.

9. A few return visits from Ma Kent

10. Lex takes out Lionel. I love JG, but its time, and Lionel is such a convaluted deux ex machina of a character at this point.   And I want Lex to really embrace his inner villian and run with it.

11. A return of Bart and Victor/Cyborg.   Green Arrow isn't required.

12. Clark returns to school, and if this show goes on for another season (somewhere in the distance, I hear Tom Welling wailing in sorrow), I'm not against Lori Lemaris

13. Shelby!! 

14. Lex and Clark have another team-up episode ala Nemesis. Only this time, much more talking about them, their relationship, their regrets, their grievances, and some dawning of the future that awaits them.   If there is also some sweationg and groping, no objections.

15. Shirtless Tom. Pantless Tom is fine too. Hell, just naked Tom. :)

Is 15 too many? Because I think I could go on.



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Sep. 27th, 2007 01:16 am (UTC)
I think there's one wish common to all the lists I've seen (including my own), and it's shirtless Tom.

SV fans aren't predictable at all, really. :-)
Sep. 27th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
You can't really go wrong with shirtless Tom, can you? The Pretty always comes through. :)
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