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It seems I'm just bound and determined to keep my SV loving flisties busy during this hiatus. Even with the holidays likely keeping us occupied. At least they are keeping me crazy busy.

So, to update on the picspam project, I'm trying to narrow it down, get the caps I want, find a way to present them in a manner that encompasses why they are meaningful for me, and so on. And Damn, this is far more difficult then I thought it would be. I mean, there are a few that immediately jump out at me, but then there are about 50 others that I could use. Not that this should come as a big shock to anyone, but my picspam will be very Clark-centric, and I'm finding myself zeroing in on moments that feel like milestones in his relationships with the people closest to him. So, I find myself not choosing the guest star moments.

Anyway, has anyone else started to narrow this down?

Now, onto Project #2, and this one should be far easier. I'm entitling this one "Dear Santa, The 10 things I want from Smallville for the rest of the season/Season 10 are...". And since that is an easy one, we'll just use this post as the kick-off.

I actually haven't come up with my Dear Santa list yet, but I'll edit this post when I do. But I figured I might as well throw this one out to my friends, and let you get started on your lists. Feel free to post your responses here, or if you would prefer, post them on your own journal, and provide the link here. That way you can get your flists involved too.

Have fun, and who knows? Maybe Santa will grant some requests...though I'm thinking "All Nude Clark Episode" is probably a long shot ;)


Dear Santa,

1. Can we please have more Clark focus, and more POV from him? I don't think I should have to guess as to why the main character is doing what he's doing.

2. Some Clark/Tess scenes. Hopefully ones that don't include any violence.

3. Clark's mommy to come home to Smallville for a visit

4. Some sort of mention/reference to Lana, i.e. where she is, what she's doing, and even maybe Clark showing he's totally at peace with that.

5. Oliver, Bart and Dinah apologizing to Clark for shooting him in the back.

6. A full-out fight between Clark and Chloe, with both of them airing their grievances, and letting it all hang out. This can be followed with them making peace, and coming to a new phase of their friendship.

7. No more no-win scenarios for Clark, or "Its all my fault" or "I should've listened to -insertnamehere-" or "I had no choice". Just chuck that shit out the window, and get a new act.

8. Clark gaining a new confidante he can talk to, and share with. I nominate Martian Manhunter. I'd also be OK with Victor/Cyborg.

9. Maxima makes a return, and she's willing to fight for what she wants, which is Clark!

10. A much more present and visible Tom Welling when it comes to promotion and publicity for the show, to include any of the following: interviews, photo shoots, DVD commentaries, another Comic Con appearance.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
Dear Santa, I'd really love...
1) Season 10.
2) Lois/Erica in all 22 episodes next season.
3) Lex/Michael to come back for series finale.
4) I want Clark & Lois to be handled right. Let them be in a mature relationship, and find a way to make it work. No cheep drama.
5) For the show to continue giving us Clark's POV.
6) For both Clark and Lois to have storylines that are not just about their romance.
7) For Clark and Ollie to become friends, or at least have a few friendly scenes that are not all about some pressing danger. Clark could use some guy friends.
8) For Clark to be right, and everyone else to be wrong.
Think last scene in Pandora - I don't want Clark looking like a schmuck at the end of the season, and Ollie and Chloe being smug for being right.
9) An apology from Ollie and JLA to Clark for shooting him in the back in Doomsday.
10) An apology from Chloe to Clark for the way she's been treating him. And for someone to call her on her Luthor-esque behaviour.
Dec. 3rd, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Dear Santa, I'd really love...
AMEN on #8!! Bigtime. And I want that acknowledged by the show. I thought thats what we saw, more or less, with Doomsday last season, but the show told me up was down, and wrong meant right.

Definitely #9! Thats been a show changing moment for me. I'm still not over it.



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