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Clark Kent, episode by episode, Part 12

Welcome to a special edition of the Clark episode by episode picspam.  This is going to be the special tribute to Labyrinth edition.  Now, whether you liked the episode or not, got pissed off at the end or loved it, thought the premise was silly or not, one thing is impossible to dispute....Clark looked AMAZING!  And, oh yeah, Tom Welling rocked.

So, here we go...

"Hello?  Who's there?"

Type your cut contents here.

Clark attempts to use the Power of the Pout to get himself out of this

Janiter Clark is adorable

What an angle!

His face is so expressive in this episode. 

Angry "I give up" Clark

I like the stills of this scene.  Partly because Big Clark, Wee Lana always makes me laugh.  But really, compare the size difference.  Look at his feet in comparison to hers.  It blows my mind.

I love his "..the fuck?" expression here, and AU Lana is all grabby paws with the touching - or was that KK ;)

And this picture is just kinda sexy.  I think its the way she's leaning into his body

Woobie!Clark is confused

And he almost succumbs but is rescued by the fair Shelby

Crouching Clark is back in the barn, safe and sound!

And Shelby gets thanked for his fine work

Chloe gets an awesome hug too! (and I like her jeans)

Probably one of the sweetest Chlark caps ever

But Clark's experiance has him troubled

And look, its the scene we never saw, because someone thought it was better to see a lame Clexana scene.  Ugh!

And thats all Folks!  Next time, we finish out S6 with the anticipation for more beautiful Clark to come in S7.  Remember my motto, no matter what story SV is telling, the Clark Pretty always delivers!!


Aug. 29th, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
eyes...they always win me over :D

eee..the way he hugs chloe...gripping hands! (I love her jeans too! want want want! And I love chlark's second fireside chat :D

There is another labyrinth pic out there (not sure if its public) that has clark petting Shelby but looking at Chloe..that cute innocent look and OMG I love that pic

loved labyrinth, but hated Clark's conclusion
Aug. 29th, 2007 01:53 pm (UTC)
I know there are a few Clark/Chloe/Shelby pics, but I just choose the one. It was a very cute scene! Actually, I love any Shelby scene.

And I imagine getting to be swept up in Tom Welling's arms is a pretty good days work for the SV actresses ;) Lucky AM and KK in this episode.



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