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I've been meaning to get this done for 2 days now, but just haven't had the time.  Last night, I went to a benefit for an animal rescue organization called Rescue Ink.  Very cool bunch of tattoo biker guys that got together to help out animals that were being abused, as well as helping out people who couldn't pay for vet bills, or pet supplies.  Its was a lot of fun, and they raised a ton of money.  So, awesome.

Then today, my mother is sick.  I'm sure she'll be OK....drama, ya know?

So, anyway, first with the screentime totals:

Episode running time: 41m, 46s (Interesting stat, almost all the eps this season have nearly exact running times, varying only by a few seconds)

Clark 19m, 6s
Chloe 16m, 44s
Lois 21m, 52s
Jimmy 14m, 53s
Tess 5m, 2s
Oliver 6m, 7s

Year to Date totals (# of eps)

Clark 97m, 19s (5)
Chloe 65m, 43s (5)
Lois 56m, 6s (5)
Jimmy 24m , 57s (3)
Tess 43m, 38s (5)
Davis 13m, - (2)
Oliver 41m, 55s (3)

And now, to my thoughts (mostly happy!)

Type your cut contents here

.Well, overall, I really enjoyed this episode.  So, that makes it 4 out of 5 for me thus far this season.  And its not that the episodes are perfect, or don't have some big plotholes, or contrivances.  Because they do.  And its also not like I don't realize that they've most definitely sped things along at a breakneck speed.  Because for the most part, they have.  Its just that things seem to be working so well on the show, and the episodes are very entertaining.  This episode, in particular, was very well put together. 

But I'll be honest.  Mostly?  Its my beautiful, wonderful Clark Kent, being played so confidently and magnificently by Tom Welling.  Who, BTW, just seems to be a very happy actor these days.  Just my opinion, based on absolutely nothing but the way he's playing the role.  I know rumors are rumors, but I just can't help but believe that the exit of AlMiles has been a huge weight off Tom's back.  And I also can't help but feel like PS3 are allowing Tom the freedom to play Clark in a manner thats comfortable for him.  And he's being written so amazingly.  I've waited so long to watch Clark get this sort of material.  To watch him be smart and capable and funny.  Dead God, Clark is FUNNY!  I'm in love with him in about a million different ways.

Onto the episode...

And the Clois continues to work.  Its actually working beyond my expectations.  Honestly, this twosome have been hit and miss for me from the beginning.  When it works, it can be a lot of fun.  When it doesn't, it can be irritating as hell.  But I'm just shocked at how well this fast tracked duo has sparkled on the show.  I'm not a 'shipper, and likely will never be a card carrying member of any 'shipper group.  But can I happily watch this Clois stuff evolve on the path its taking?  Yes, if it continues to be written and performed (emphasis on the latter), this well.

And if it continues to be this amusing.  I find myself laughing out loud at some scenes.  I don't think I've done that since S4.  Well, laughing with the show that is.  I might have laughed at it a few times for completely different reasons.  But Clark and Lois are funny together, and seperately.  They aren't comic relief, but they are dramatic characters who can also provide some much needed levity and laughter to the show.  A quality thats been lacking for so long.

As for Lois, I thought this episode did a really interesting job with her.  Because it wasn't all good.  Her behavior at Chloe's engagement party was pretty appalling.  Yes, it provided good material for the episode overall, and Lois' remorse at the end, and heart-to-heart talk with Chloe was a really nice piece of business.  But still? Lois acted like an ass.  And while most of her banter with Clark seems pretty light-hearted, there's this occasional line that falls over that line from banter and snark into obnoxiousness.  But I think with SV, I've come to really appreciate when they get more right with an episode, and character, then endlessly dwell on what they go wrong.  And for me, Lois was a lot of right in this episode.

I can't review this episode without giving a lot of credit to the dialogue, and the really clever witty lines.  Lois' line about "pants", Clark mentioning Lois getting changed "for, like, an hour", Lois' drunken answering machine message, the endearments that Clark and Lois were using for each other, and the very, very funny jewelry store scene with Oliver.  In fact, it was JH's best scene by a mile.

Personally, I think I find Lois at her most fully dimensional when she's vulnerable, and her defenses are down.  In this episode, those defenses were forced down, the effect was the same for me.  I loved ED's performance in that interrogation scene, and I loved what that confession brought out of Lois.  And as we can see by that last scene, she more then landed on her feet, and was able to rock back Clark on his.  

BTW, really, Tom and Erica have been doing such a great job.  I get this sense that both of these actors are very much enjoying their material.  I now understand that comment from one of S3's about how these scenes seem like what these actors are "meant to do".

But, lets go to the other parts of the episode.  The psycho jeweler was not one of the SV's most creative or interesting villians, but I thought he worked well enough.  I do think the kryptonite watch was pure contrivance though, especially since he wasn't wearing it when Clark had met him earlier in the jewelry store.  Most people wear their watches during work, so why would this guy just put it on for torturing people?  Still, it did give Clark the amazing opportunity to have to work his way out of the situation using his intelligence and imagination, and thats priceless as far as I'm concerned.

I hesitate to mention the Chimmy, only because I just don't see this relationship ever working for me.  AM is sure selling it hard, and like I mentioned about Tom and Erica, I get the strong feeling that AM is very much getting the storyline that she wanted.  I just don't think its doing her the favors its doing for the other 2 actors, and I'm not convinced its that compelling.  I have no investment in Chloe and Jimmy as a couple, so I literally do not care at all what becomes of their relationship.  And because of that, I just can't invest in something like Jimmy's confession about his father.

I do think it was nice though that the show attempted to touch on several issues, and it allowed the characters to talk like real people, about real concerns.  It added a nice depth to the episode.

I mentioned before that I thought JH's best scene by a mile was the jewelry store scene, and thats because I just found the Oliver/Tess stuff terribly boring.  And of the 2 actors involved, Cassiday Freeman came off far, far more interesting in their scenes.  But I don't feel a lot of chemistry between these actors, and I'm just not getting Oliver's side of this story at all.  I had hoped that bringing Oliver onto the show would allow Clark a male friend, and provide opportunities for Clark to verbalize his throught on proactive heroics and the like.  Instead, we get an episode that ends with Oliver being a HUGE ass, and now we've got one of him acting like a jerk around Tess.  I was actually glad that Tess lowered the hammer on him.  I know that Oliver Queen can be a jerk in the comics, so maybe thats intentional?

And really Justin, you have a nice chest, but its getting to be a bit of a joke now.

On the shallow end of the pool, this was a gorgeous episode, filmed beautifully, with everyone looking spectacular.  No one moreso then Tom Welling, but so what else is old? ;)

I'll be praying that Prey keeps the season going along in this manner.  Because for me, its working in a big way!



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Oct. 19th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
You know, the Superman story has always been about hope. It has it's angsty moments and its deep character, but with that hope there is light and humor.

SV has been missing that for a long time. It's a crutial aspect of the mythology and to Clark's character.

it's about time they gave it back to him.
Oct. 19th, 2008 05:06 am (UTC)
I would like to see more of the hope part put into SV. I think they've done well to bring back Clark's humor, and he doesn't seem so beaten down by his life. But I would definitely enjoy seeing him getting joy from helping people.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 19th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
I can understand thinking the "love" thing was too soon. It probably is. And yet, I'm completely surprised by how well it seems to have worked. I don't know, but I believed Lois. And I do think they've done a decent job of laying down some solid foundation for Clois. But love? Its definitely a big leap.

I'm not sure there was anything that occured in such a way that Lois would've obviously seen it. I'm not sure she really was at an angle to see him when he arrived at the jewelry store, not to mention that she was still a bit out of it. I mean, yeah, how can she not notice? But on the other hand, this is pretty much par for the SV course.

As much fun as the drunk stuff was in this ep, I certainly wouldn't mind if they didn't take a step back from Lois and drinking for a while.
Oct. 19th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Wow, Lois had the highest ST in this episode? I guess that shouldn't be a surprise but I didn't realize she was on screen for 21 minutes. That's cool. :)

Dead God, Clark is FUNNY! I'm in love with him in about a million different ways.

HE IS! Tom has great comedic timing and he had so many chances in this episode to show that. &hearts

Lois was adorable. I did cringe at her little speech at the engagement party though. But her drunken message ... SO cute! :D And the Chlo-Lo scene was sweet. They're still great together.

I loved ED's performance in that interrogation scene, and I loved what that confession brought out of Lois. And as we can see by that last scene, she more then landed on her feet, and was able to rock back Clark on his.

I was shocked she said yes but that moment before ... you could see the internal conflict on her face before she said to her answer. The scene was played out beautifully. :D

I agree that Tom and Erica look like they're enjoying themselves. It makes everything so much more better. :D

The jeweler was an okay villain but it's Clark and Lois that made this episode for me. :D Clark's expressions in that last elevator scene! So good!

I hesitate to mention the Chimmy, only because I just don't see this relationship ever working for me. AM is sure selling it hard, and like I mentioned about Tom and Erica, I get the strong feeling that AM is very much getting the storyline that she wanted.

Yeah, Allison really is trying to sell it. I really believe she supports Chloe and Jimmy. I thought they were cute in this one but I still don't think that they should be married.

I don't think Ollie and Tess had chemistry at all. I just don't feel it. However, Tess really can hold her own. I pitied Ollie but he cheated on her and she got her revenge. You don't mess with that woman and that's kinda awesome.

Overall, a really good episode. I am very thrilled with s8. :D And your review is great!
Oct. 19th, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
There is no doubt in my mind that Tom could pull off a comedy if he did one on the big screen. He's just got it down. Hopefully at some point in the future...

I agree with you that the quality of the villian was immaterial. The show really wasn't about that. He was a plot device, more or less. The point of this episode was Clois and Chimmy, and further illuminating those relationships.

I definitely think CF has shown more chemistry with other members of the SV cast, and I think JH has shown more chemistry with other members of the cast, and Alaina Huffmann. But Justin and Cassiday? Not feeling it.
Oct. 19th, 2008 10:20 am (UTC)
Thanks for the numbers!
(I'm not happy Lois had more screen time than Clark, this show being SV and not exactly "Lois and Clark", but I'm glad most of her screen time was shared with Clark)
As for the Tess/Oliver final scene, I was very happy with the way she treated him. Othen than that, I don't care about those two as a couple.
I'm glad in SV Lois is the one falling for Clark first. After all, he's already Superman without the cape. And I surely didn't want Clark to be pinning for another girl on this show and suffering from unrequited love, yet again!
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
I'm OK with someone having more screentime then Clark if the margin is small, and if Clark's screentime is still very high. So, this one shook out OK. A lot of extra time Lois got was where she appeared first in a scene, with Clark showing up 30 seconds later. Or her scene with Chloe, which was a decent length scene.

I'm happy with the way Tess treated Oliver too, because he was acting like a lounge lizard. I wasn't digging his behavior at all.

I just think for this show, with how the characters have been developed, and what experiances they've had, Lois falling first fits more organically. But I can understand how that might ruffle some. Its just my preference, so I'm happy :)
Oct. 19th, 2008 10:22 am (UTC)
I so loved Lois in this ep. Not only did ED make a gorgeous performance, personally I liked the way she was written.
You mentioned Lois acting like an ass at the party, and she did. I mean who hasn't publically embarressed themselves at one point? But I really liked the redemption Lois got for it at the end and a nice Chlo-Lo scene to boot.
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
Oh totally, who hasn't gotten drunk in public and done something stupid? I know I have. And thats something I actually enjoy about Lois' writing. They allow her to be very human.
Oct. 19th, 2008 11:28 am (UTC)
I loved this episode!!

very funny jewelry store scene with Oliver. - Totally! His laugh was so funny....i loved it.

“Anything you want Muffin”. I can't forget that line from Tom. He was really funny in the whole episode...I really like the new Clark behavior...
I almost forgot *Clark's ARMS* The episode couldn't get any better. Now i love his blue t-shirt!

Lois said "yes" and the look clark gave her...**Awesome**
The last scene. Have you noticed clark's clothes?I mean his body looked sooo good and strong. He was handsome in the whole episode but in the last scene he was stunning! His lips, his eyes, cheekbones. Lois has self-control because if i was her...we would see another elevator porn scene!
Ok I must stop now..**crazy for tom**
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:33 pm (UTC)
A lot of people seem to love this episode. My offline sister, who really defines "casual viewer", and who ships no one, doesn't even know the couple names, and really doesn't sweat the details, told me that this was one of her favorite SV eps ever.

Tom Welling's arms are so amazing. That alone makes the episode a hit! LOL

And God, his CLOTHES!!! I couldn't believe that purple on purple combo. Somewhere, Lex is smiling ;)
Oct. 19th, 2008 11:39 am (UTC)
Stumbled on here via friendsfriends!

I'm really intrigued by the screentime totals. Has Lois ever had more screentime than Clark? That just blows my mind because I couldn't tell.

I really love how they're writing Clark this year. And Tom has just been glowing! And I think Brian Q. Miller understood Clark, Lois and the show very well for a first time writer for the show.
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hi ya! New friends are always welcome :)

Yes, Lois has had more screentime a few times. Last seasons Gemini is an example. S6's Arrow & Prototype are a few others. So, it has happened in the past. Not often.

This new writer is definitely a keeper.
(no subject) - legendsinlove - Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 19th, 2008 02:11 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed it as well, though I feel for the Chlarkers. I'm enjoying the Absence of Miss Lang more than I can express. I love Lois & Clark together--it's great to see Clark with someone who isn't whiny, "earnest" and demanding all the time. And, for the first time, I enjoyed OQ: I like him with Tess/Mercy, and I love that he's more into her than she is into him.

I wonder if they'll get back to OQ thinking the Clois are engaged, or just drop it?

It's unusual for shows to use being drunk as a matter for humor these days, hmm.
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
The thing is that no matter what gets written, some 'shipper group is going to be disappointed. I actually prefer them not stringing people along. I miss Lex, Lana not so much. But its been really interesting to see how the show has reinvented itself without them. And still managed to keep both character relevant in the storyline. I'm impressed.

I'm thinking they are going to drop Ollie and the engagement thing. It will probably take place in Offscreensville, probably with the apology that Ollie owes Clark after Toxic.
Oct. 19th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure how I feel about Lois having more screentime than Clark this ep - no-one should have more screentime than Clark in an ep. But, so long as it isn't a regular occurance, I suppose I'm OK with it. Atleast Lois' screentime was utilized well, so that's something.

You and I are pretty much exactly of one mind regarding this ep. It's really so wonderful to see Clark being written this well. It's like with the absence of AlMiles, the writers have started finding Clark, and writing for him - interesting again. Same goes for Lois. So far, as you point out, with the exception of 'Toxic' - this season is holding up very well. All we can do now is hope this trend continues.

And hey, I hope your mom feels better soon. :-)
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
As I said above, I'm OK with someone having more screentime then Clark if its only by a small margin, and if he stills has a lot of screentime. And I think that describes this episode perfectly.

I just don't believe you can seperate the excellent writing for Clark with AlMiles vacating the premises. Those 2 things HAVE to be connected. I shudder to think what Clark would've been doing if AlMiles were still in the house. Probably sitting in the dark at the farm, thinking about Lana, and having Chloe tell him what to do. No thanks.

And I think the writing for Lois has been much better too, so I'm starting to believe some of her development, or lack thereof, was also an AlMiles thing.

I've always thought AlMiles were far more interested in Lex, Lana and Chloe then Clark. And I guess Lois too.

And thanks for the good wishes. Today is not such a good day so far :(
(no subject) - goodvibe - Oct. 20th, 2008 04:49 pm (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC)
As I just said above, I don't think you can seperate the excellent writing for Clark, and AlMiles leaving the building. You just can't.

I think the thing with Lois and drinking...and its ridiculous to call her a binge drinker or alchoholic...is that she's one of the few characters thats shown to indulge, and get drunk very occasionally. Which is actually pretty OK for a young woman her age (God knows I did!). But, it makes her stand out from Clark, Lana, Chloe, Jimmy, etc.
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
The central premise of this episode annoyed me so much that I can't score it too high. The lie detector plotline is the essence of "tell, not show" which has always been one of SV's biggest writing failings. And it was super redundant in this episode - we don't need a machine to tell us that Lois is falling for Clark: ED has been doing a fine job conveying that through her performance. And insisting that that Chloe/Jimmy is TRUE LOVE is flogging a horse that most of the audience simply doesn't care about.

Well, that said, I did love seeing Tom get to do some comedy. He's always had comedic skills and when he gets a funny line, he knocks it out of the park. His line about Lois changing in the kitchen made me laugh out loud, which SV never does! And once again, his clothes are brilliant: I'm really curious if Tom lobbied for a better wardrobe this year. I bet getting out of the same old red jacker has made him feel a lot happier!

I actually liked drunk Lois at the engagement party and I thought everything she said made total sense. ED made the most of her comic lines - it was a good episode for her, apart from the unnecessary lie detector melodrama.

I was also disappointed that we didn't see any flashes of Brainiac from Chloe - it would have been very cool if she'd opened her eyes during the last embrace with Jimmy and stared right at the camera. Since they're fast-tracking all the other plot-lines, I wish they'd get moving with this one as well - Allison plays "steely" very effectively and I think this could be a great plot-line for her.
Oct. 19th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the psycho jeweler was definitely a plot device. And SV is notorious for just telling you something, and having the development happen Offscreensville. Thats not new to this season. I think in regards to this season though, there's a sense of PS3 trying to catch up to where they think the story should be, and them not feeling like they have time to waste (then why Toxic?). Also, I think they wanted to close some chapters. Its not always smooth.

I do believe, rightly or wrongly, that Tom is being allowed input on the character at this point. I know thats something he had to fight with Al about prior, and I think its a battle he didn't often win. Now, I get the feeling that "let Tom be happy" is a PS3 mantra. And I wouldn't be surprised if wardrobe wasn't part of that, though I'll bet Tom just wanted Clark to grow up in general.

I'm not sure what to make of the Chloiac stuff at this point. How much influence does he have? Its still very ambigious. Since I think thats the main plot for the middle of the season, I'm guessing thats one they are allowing to simmer for the time being. I'm sure Allison will do a great job with it.
Oct. 19th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks once again for the screentime totals!

Tom was totally bringing the hotness in this episode. Those arms!!! The pictures you posted for my bday were fantastic!!

I totally agree that Tom seems to be enjoying Clark a lot more this season and that he probably is happier and that it's probably not a coincidence that AlMiles are nowhere in sight.
I love when Clark/Tom gets to be funny! As we said many times before- he does it so well! There were some really funny lines and the scene where Lois is asking Clark if they had sex and he's just giving her those looks was totally a throwback to the end of Crimson. :-)

Like you, I could pretty much care less about the Chimmy. I enjoyed the Oliess/Toliver(???) but maybe that's just because I like Justin Hartley. Maybe it is an inside joke with the crew now that whenever JH is in an episode, they work in some way for him to be shirtless? :-)

I am enjoying the Clark and Lois interactions so far even though like you said, it is a bit rushed.

I keep wondering, when Clark mentioned that Lois was changing in the kitchen "for like, an hour," was he watching her? :-) Or maybe just sitting in the living room waiting for her to be done? That would have been a funny scene to see. Maybe Clark peeked at her with his xray vision? ;-)

I hope everything is okay with your mom. I'm sending good thoughts and hugs your way.
Oct. 20th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
Thanks for your good thoughts. Its nothing serious, but its a pain in the ass.

It just seems to me that Tom is playing Clark with a certain bounce in his step, and I don't think I've seen that since S5. Its as though Clark does still carry that sense of responsibility on his shoulders, but he's now using that to motivate him, rather then let it drag him down. I'm so worried that they won't continue on this way, but 5 eps in and we're still doing well. Dare I hope?

I think you may be onto something with JH and the shirtless stuff, but he needs to take care there. There's that fine line between showing off the pretty, and being a running gag.

I'm sure Clark wouldn't watch Lois change. He's too much of a gentleman for that. But that was a very funny line, with a terrific delivery. I'm only sorry that Shelby didn't get to be in the scene too.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 20th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Re: part I
Clark/TW continues to blow my mind and I really hope that this is just How Things Are Going to Be this season for Clark, with minimal stalling and zero backsliding. As a Clark fan, I couldn't be happier with how terrific Welling's performance is and how wonderfully the character's being written.

I hope so much that this is How Its Going To Be as well. And I just can't let myself relax quite yet. With each passing episode, I relax a bit more. And several spoilers still fall on the good side. But I'm just conditioned to keep my guard up.

And I really agree with you about Lois. And its true, Lois' reaction to Clark getting shocked was enough for anyone to realize just how much she cares for him. You didn't even need the love confession. When she said "just don't hurt him anymore", that was an incredibly moving line for me. And ED's delivery was spot-on. I think that as a Clark fan, I just bristle when anyone puts him down unfairly, even when its in jest. I guess its like what I said above...I'm just conditioned to keep my guard up. And its funny, because the "Shirley Temple for the lady" line didn't bother me at all. That was sort of funny. But I think I'm just sensitive when it comes to anyone questioning Clark's ability to help someone in trouble, because really, every single character should know better by now.

But Clark doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and like you said, he gives it back pretty good, so I'm really liking the balance they have going between Clark and Lois right now.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 20th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
Re: part II
I think you are spot on with your hypothesis on the Lois and Clark thing. I don't think we'll see Lois pining, and I don't think we'll see Clark pining. I think what we are likely to see is some misunderstandings, maybe some private moments of momentary hurt, and then mutual fumbling towards an eventual coupledom. And to me, this is really the best way for the show to approach given how they've gone about developing these characters up to this point.

To me, Oliver just came off as a jerk and sleaze. When Tess said "Oliver wants what Oliver can't have", I thought she was dead-on, and that just doesn't make me think much of Oliver as a person. He obviously cheated on her, and humiliated her. She's obviously gone down a different road from the one she was on. What is his intention here? And the diamond bracelet? That didn't feel like anything romantic at all. Rather something pretty shallow.

And I do believe they are going for Oliver at a crossroads in his life, and in some sort of crisis. But it hasn't really translated well because he hasn't been on much, and the character that he should be interacting with is Clark.

I'm still not sure the show needed him at all, truth be told.
Oct. 19th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
Lots of great thoughts and so many things I agree with like...
But I'll be honest. Mostly? Its my beautiful, wonderful Clark Kent, being played so confidently and magnificently by Tom Welling. Who, BTW, just seems to be a very happy actor these days.

This may just be speculation but I do agree with it. You can feel it when see him on screen now.

Still, it did give Clark the amazing opportunity to have to work his way out of the situation using his intelligence and imagination, and thats priceless as far as I'm concerned.

That was a great scene and showed Clark thinking on his feet. Lovely.

I have no investment in Chloe and Jimmy as a couple, so I literally do not care at all what becomes of their relationship. And because of that, I just can't invest in something like Jimmy's confession about his father.

*nods* This is quite the revelation usually but seriously I was like "eh"

Any way another great post and yes Tom Welling is incredibly beautiful. Keep it up show he looks stunning ;-)
Oct. 20th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
I keep hoping Tom will do an interview. Just one interview! But alas, I don't see it happening. :/

That was a big revelation from Jimmy, and I wish I could care more about it. I have to admit, I wasn't really crazy about all the "I'm not good enough for you" stuff either. I might agree, but it just seems heavy-handed when you see it on the show, literally.
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