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And Smallville is Back!

Hmmm, to sum up, I would probably put it this way....underwhelming, but I can appreciate the set up for the season. 

And Tom Welling is Stunning! 

The rest goes under the cutType your cut contents here.

My biggest problem with this episode (besides just about everything being really poorly explained), is WHERE THE HELL WAS THE CLARK?

Oh, yes, I know, he was there.  But this is the premiere.  It should've been Clark-central, not Clark-lite.  And it was really Clark-lite.  Really.

I believe that the first half of the episode should've been overwhelmingly focused on 1.JLA finding Clark, 2. where Clark was, and how he got there, 3. rescuing Clark.  And I mean, that needed a good solid 1/3 of the episode.  But it just didn't happen.  I'm still not sure how or why Clark was in this Russian camp, why they were keeping him, what "I'll get you the money" means, or why the Russian guy just let him walk away.  I mean, why do all that if you aren't going to explore the concept?  You could've just had Clark holed up in some fishing village, recovering from his ordeal, and it would've come to the same end result.

Yes, it would've deprived us of a hot boy fight, but still....

Speaking of that, how did Ollie even find Clark?  An explanation of that would've been nice.

Which brings me to what sucked up WAY too much time.  The Tess stuff.  Too much Tess, too soon in the season.  Long scenes of Tess with Lex minion from last year.  Way too much time in this episode was wasted on her basically establishing that 1. she was in charge, and 2. she wants to find Lex.  Could've done that in 2 short scenes, and hinted at whats to come with her.  As it was, I just wanted LESS Tess so we could get back to Clark's story.

Not much Lois, but she was doing what she should've been doing in this episode.  Trying to find Chloe, going undercover, trying to break Chloe out.  So, that was good.  And Erica's hair is gorgeous.

Its so hard for me to  verbalize how I feel about the Chloe stuff, because I just hate the whole Chloe with powers thing so much.  But I do think I prefer super computer brain Chloe over raising-people-from-the-dead, Lazarus Chloe.  Though both abilities scream deux ex machina.  But, I'll keep an open mind and try to roll with this.  But the Chimmy still sucks.

The JLA stuff was OK.  Not too much of it  (way too little of it, in fact), but some cute banter.   I was loving Alaina Huffman's BC/Dinah in this one.  Heh!  She totally was digging on Clark's form.  Thata girl! 

Martian Manhunter literally was a deux ex machina in this episode, but I can't help it, I love Phil Morris.  He's always a welcome presence  But I don't understand...why would flying Clark to the sun heal him, and restore his powers?  Wouldn't Jor-El have had to do that?  And how did they get back from the sun if MM was powerless?  Messy writing.

Oh, and while I'm at, why would Moira's power be able to control Oliver when her powers only allowed her to control meteor infected people?  Sloppy.

And as much I do love Clark working at the DP, that was way too rushed.  When did he even have time to fill out the application, hand it in and interview?  I know they wanted to get him there, but they could've waited for the next episode, and had his hiring take place in 8x02. 

And while Lex's name was mentioned throughout, and he was kept very present in the story, I think we were missing a scene of Clark really reflecting on what occured.  I sort of understand it, because there really wasn't anyone he would dicuss that with.  And I also understand that Clark never seemed to believe Lex was dead.  But still, it felt like it was missing.

But here's where I cut the episode a lot of slack....you can see the path they are taking for the season, and I like it.  As quick as it was, they did a pretty good job of having Clark take a good look at himself, his situation, and the way he's been living his life, and come to the conclusion that he needs to change.  Clark was hard on himself, but I didn't get a sense of guilt or wallowing, but rather a sense of purpose and determination.  Of course, I could've done with a lot more screentime devoted to that (really, I think the screentime totals are going to be shocking).  But I certainly didn't feel like Clark's epiphany came out of nowhere, or felt like it wasn't supported by whats taken place on the show.

Actually, quite honestly, the real brightspot of this episode was Clark.  Which is why I think if the show had actually concentrated on him, and devoted the screentime to his story, you would've had an amazing episode.  Instead of one that was more set-up for the coming season then anything else.

On a completely shallow note, everyone looked great, there was definitely HoYay!, and the episode did manage to keep up my excitement for the coming season.

But honestly, I was hoping for better. 

And so our season is out of the gate.  I remain hopeful.



Sep. 19th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
I think I'd love to see the glasses too.

Mixed feelings is a good way to describe it...but its not a BAD feeling. Just a little disappointed that they didn't do a better job with this one.



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