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Screentime Total Project: S4

So, S4 is done, totals are all totaled, and the entire season is rewatched.

I know that S4 is generally reviled, but I liked it.  Upon rewatching it, I liked it even more then I remember liking it.  The season was bright and cheery.  Clark smiled all the time.  The season seemed to have some pretty clear focal points.  

I do agree that the tatoo/witch/stones plot was bungled pretty badly.  A lot of it just doesn't make any sense at all.  And Jane Seymour got a chance to chew a lot of scenery, but Genevieve Teague never seems to ever take on any dimension.  She's always a pretty cardboard Cruella DeVille cut out.  

But I'd say for pure entertainment factor, S4 beats S6 and S7 pretty handily.  I can see where S5 might have the edge due to its strength in the early eps.  But unlike S5, S4 feels steady throughout.  Whereas S5 seems to suffer a big drop-off after Reckoning , and even worse one after Cyborg.  I never felt like S4 had that sort of freefall.

Also, for those who have felt that the episodes have gotten shorter, S4's shortest ep was Scare at 40m, 11s.  It had twelve eps at 42m+ (not counting Commencement which was an extended episode at 52m, 8s).  To compare:

S7 had zero episodes of 42+m and six episodes under 40m
S6 had one episode of 42+m, and that was Zod, and included the "previously on SV" stuff, and four episodes under 40m
S5 had six episodes at 42m+, and one episode under 40m

Bottom line, proof is conclusive that the episodes have gotten shorter each season from S4 to S7.

Lots of numbers and stats, so better off
Type your cut contents here.

Clark Kent :
S4 season high:  Blank, 31m, 3s
S4 Season Low:  Forever, 14m, 9s
# of eps in all seasons, 22
Comparing 22 eps (S7 omitted)
S4: 480m, 49s *
S5: 441m, 22s
S6: 377m, 12s
*Total screentime for Tom Welling: 490m, 15s
Comparing through 20 eps:

S4: 445m, 6s *
398m, 50s
S6  345m, 15s
S7: 333m, 39s **
*Total screentime  for Tom Welling: 454m, 32s
**Total sceentime  for Tom Welling: 366m, 52s

Lex Luthor:
S4 Season High:  Onyx, 32m, 34s *
S4 Season Low:  Spirit, 2m, 46s

*Top total for S4, for any character
# of eps in all seasons, 22
Comparing 22 eps (S7 omitted)
S4: 197m, 11s
S5: 205m, 28s
S6: 221m, 47s *
Total screentime  for Michael Rosenbaum: 215m, 34s
Comparing 20 eps : 
S4: 172m, 37s
S5: 176m, 9s
S6:  200m, 16s *
S7: 177m, 17s
Total screentime for Michael Rosenbaum: 194m, 3s

Lana Lang: 
S4 Season High:  Spell, 28m, 32s
S4 Season Low:  Krypto, 2m, 1s
# of eps in S4, 22
# of eps in S5, 20
# of eps in S6, 21
# of eps in S7: 16
Comparing 22 eps (omitting S7)
S4: 204m, 20s
S5: 208m, 8s
S6: 237m, 46s
Comparing 20 eps : 
S4: 182m, 43s
S5:  188m, 54s
S6:  223m, 11s
S7:  106m, 57s

Chloe Sullivan:
S4 Season High:  Blank, 19m, 44s
S4 Season Low:  Crusade,  27s

# of eps in S4, 21
# of eps in S5/S6/S7, 22
Comparing 22 eps (omitting S7)
S4: 171m, 2s
S5: 194m, 50s
S6: 220m, 19s
Comparing 20 eps : 
S4: 149m, 13s
180m, 38s
S6:  208m, 24s
S7:  176m, 52s

Lois Lane:
S4 Season High:  Lucy, 19m, 50s
S4 Season Low:  Forever, 4m, 19s

# of eps in S4/S5/S6, 13
# of eps in S7, 12
Comparing 22 eps (omitting S7)
S4: 167m, 51s
S5: 101m, 20s
S6: 120m, 18s
Comparing 20 eps : 
S4: 155m, 27s
 92m, 28s
S6:  100m, 35s
S7:  96m, 9s
Martha Kent:
S4 Season High:  Crusade, 13m, 30s
S4 Season Low:  Spell, 1m, 11s

# of eps in S4, 21
# of eps in S5, 19
# of eps in S6, 18
Comparing 22 eps -No Data post-S6
S4: 93m, 1s
S5: 124m, 56s
S6: 62m, 20s
Jonathan Kent:
S4 Season High:  Commencement, 10m, 27s
S4 Season Low:  Unsafe, 50s

# of eps in S4, 21
# of eps in S5, 12
Comparing 22 eps – No data from S6 on
S4: 89m, 11s
S5: 117m, 14s*
Total screentime for John Schneider: 123m, 29s
Lionel Luthor:
S4 Season High:  Transference, 23m, 50s
S4 Season High with only John Glover playing Lionel:  Forever, 8m, 49s
S4 Season Low:  Krypto, 1m, 41s

# of eps in S4, 13
# of eps in S5, 15
# of eps in S6/S7, 12

Comparing 22 eps (omitting S7)
S4: 81m, 30s*
S5: 98m, 39s
S6: 71m, 22s
*total screentime for John Glover: 72m, 4s
Comparing 20 eps : 
S4: 68m, 17s
 80m, 19s
S6:  57m, 19s
S7:  67m, 48s
Jason Teague:
S4 Season High:  Devoted, 14m, 30s
S4 Season Low:  Blank, 2m, 1s

# of eps in S4: 20
S4: 118m, 25s

As always, if there's a particular stat you are interested in, or totals for a particular episode, feel free to ask.

Needless to say, complaints that Clark's screentime has gone down significantly is provable wih the numbers.  He lost over 100m from S4 to S6/S7.


Jun. 21st, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
I think what really puts S4 over the top for me is that its so bright and sparkly. There is so much stuff happening outside, and characters are moving around a lot. Lately, it feels like we are always in the same place with this show, and its so dark. Not just in mood, but shot that way too.

And for me, Lois has never been used as well as she was in S4.



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