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Screentime Totals for Wrath

Its that time again

Screentime Totals for Wrath, running time: 41m,20s

Clark 22m,13s
Lex 9m,10s*
Lana 20m
Chloe 9m,29s
Lois 6m,14s
Lionel 2m,23s

*normally lying in the room on the floor unconscious counts towards screentime, but Lex is literally never shown again once Clark confronts Lana in the lab, so I didn't add that time to Lex's totals.

Season totals to date (number of eps)

Clark 125m,29s
Lex 50m,29s
Lana 54m,36s
Chloe 62m,50s
Lois 27m,9s (4)
Kara 64m,32s (5)
Jimmy 22m,24s (3)
Lionel 16m,46s (4)

Type your cut contents here.

I've been sort of hesitant over discussing this episode too much. I see a lot of love for it, and I've read some really terrific meta posts, particularly from bop_radar and juxtoppozed and latxcvi. And many others too, sorry I can't name all of them. And while I can recognize most of the elements that were pointed out, and I can see why they are so Squee-Worthy, still I can't quite get there. And I know why. Because I have no faith in the follow through. And without follow through on this episode, it feels meaningless.

I guess I would put out this general question...if the major character developments between Clark, Lana and Lex were swept under the rug, or just generally not adequately followed up on, would Wrath still be a great episode? Or would it exist in its own universe of What could've been...

And am I making any sense? I often wonder.

This episode also left me pondering how Clark and Lana can go on from here. Her comments to him might've been fueled by her anger, and the power rush, but I think there's very little doubt that she said what she really thought. And if thats what she really thinks, can she really have any respect for Clark at all? And if she doesn't have any respect for the way he chooses to live his life, and use his powers, then why are they even together? The sex? Well, thats non-existant unless powers are involved. All the long talks they have? They hardly seem to communicate at all (aren't we still wondering how Lana explained her fake death?). Love? How real can that be when they both seem to lack a real knowledge and understanding of each other?

In fact, this episode would've made an incredible endpoint for Clana. And I probably would've gotten my Squee on if it had. You have Clark and Lana at an impasse. With a fundamental difference in how they see the world. Sadness, regret, the feeling that they missed their time, and now its passed and can't be recaptured. Too much water under the bridge, too much change, too much damage.

But instead, I'm having flashbacks to S5, and the endless limping along of Clana, where every week, post-Reckoning, we were left scratching our heads, wondering, "Are they broken up yet? Now? Was that it?"

But that isn't to say I didn't Squee at all when it came to this episode. The Clex scenes continue to be great fun, and Lex is probably the only character I can tolerate ripping pieces of flesh off Clark, because I know Clark will turn around and do the same. Also, its more expected from him. Plus, I believe MR and TW are just bringing it in their scenes. Its so much fun.

And I'm in crazy amounts of love with Chloe this week. I do not 'ship at all. But Chloe this week made me consider jumping on the Chlark band wagon. I can see why some would believe that Chloe was overly harsh with Lana, but I felt Chloe was right on. Maybe because I also believe Lana is not truly remorseful for her actions, and isn't considering how she could destroy Clark by continuing her present course. So, to see Chloe make a stand for Clark in the way she did, it made this Clark fangurl's heart flutter. Chloe's whole manner was gentle and calm, but with the underlying meaning of "If you don't change your ways, and you hurt Clark, I will cut a bitch". So much love.

I don't think the show will ever do it, but I have to admit, this episode did hint at the brilliance that would be Chlark vs Lexana.

I also wanted to say one other thing on Chloe here. I see a lot of criticism towards her for not getting over Clark. And it may be true, and she's not over him. But does anyone really get over Clark? Lex sure hasn't. Lana never has. Even poor Alicia spent a year in a mental hospital pining for him. Getting over Clark doesn't seem to happen. Yet Chloe is possibly the only character who has put it into proper perspective, and managed to create a healthy relationship with him. Lex can't let go of the bitterness he feels at being denied the sort of relationship he feels entitled to from Clark. Lana has destructively rebounded because she couldn't get over Clark. Only Chloe seems to have found a sane reaction, eventually. And I don't think she gets enough credit for that.

On a seemingly unrelated note, since this storyline played so oddly on the periphery, I do want to give Michael Cassidy props for doing a really good job. I think the Lois/Grant thing is a horrible idea, and I don't believe its doing any favors at all for Lois. No matter how hard ED is trying to sell it, and God bless her heart, she's trying. But even with all that, I think Cassidy has taken lemons and made lemonade.

On a more shallow note, I found Lana's "bad ass" outfit a tad silly. The all black, leather jacket, stilleto boots look was a bit over the top for me. And sudden boot changes, and jacket disappearances were distracting wardrobe malfunctions.

Wow, I think I said a lot more then I intended. As usual, I'm sure it was nonsensical. My mind, she wanders :)


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Nov. 11th, 2007 04:36 am (UTC)
Love your thoughts on the episode, I'm glad you are seeing the awesomeness of Chloe in this eppy :D

Thanks for keeping the time!
Nov. 11th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
Always fun to keep the time. :)

And yes, I did think Chloe was made of awesome in this episode. :)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 11th, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)
Re: part II
I can answer this! For me, at least, the answer is, "no, it wouldn't still be a great episode. It would be Reckoning II: The Second Revision.

OK, and Thank You! Because I was wondering if I was just being a little nutty. Well, thats kind of a given...but you know what I mean. ;)

Its like I feel as if the evolution that took place in this episode continues, and the story continues to unfold as this episode promised, I can go back and watch this and Squee and Flail. But until then, I can't quite allow myself to appreciate all the goodness in it.

I think the only reason I'm not worried here, though, is because they're really running out of time. S7 is very likely to be shortened because of the writers' strike. Assuming S8 is greenlit, they really do now have only a finite number of episodes within which to tell the story; they are, for all intents and purposes, running out of time. There's really not much more stalling they can do.

God, I hope you are right. And you couldn't be more on the money about time running short. I really feel like some of the things they are getting around to now really should've been set in motion a season ago. I happen to believe that the Clana needs to come to an end, on screen, with good reason, and done in such a way as to leave no lingering doubts that Clark has made the right choice, and will go one to find the love of his life. And I truly believe that by allowing Clana to linger on so long, deep into the 7th season, they're sort of screwing around with these things they shouldn't. And now with a shortened 7th season, I'm not sure if they are going to drag this into an 8th season. I worry.

I do believe that Lex is going to get very dark from here on out, because I think they knew that they might not have MR beyond this season.

Right here, you've hit the nail on the head of why it bothered me so much: it suggested that she doesn't respect him, not deep down. I mean, she basically called him a loser. No wonder he didn't leap to reassure her of his feelings in the tag.

Exactly. Its not like in Action where she's making a lot of sense, and her words about a bigger destiny seem to be filled with love and a little sadness. Here is all venom and vitriol. And I can't help thinking that her anger isn't really about Clark not stopping Lex from hurting people. Its more about Clark not stopping Lex from hurting Lana. Even though he did try and warn her. I don't see Lana having lofty goals, or some altruistic love of humanity. I see her hiding behind that. Her motivation is herself. She didn't kidnap Lionel to protect Clark...she did it to avenge herself for Lionel forcing her into the marriage, and knowing about faux baby. She doesn't want Lex hurt or dead because of what he's done overall. She wants him hurt of dead because of what he's done to her. At least thats how I read it. And so I see Lana turning so viciously on Clark in that scene, and I'm thinking that she's channeling this anger she has at herself, for her terrible decisions, and she's really saying "How come you didn't do something to save me?

Yep. Every time they interact this season, I feel like I'm watching the teaser trailer for the future epic movie that is the Superman/Lex Luthor battle.

And how awesome would that be on the big screen? Ah, I wish.

*nodnod* And like I said elsewhere, it was completely in-character. Chloe has always privileged Clark more than just about anyone else in her life except, arguably, Lois. The only real difference is that Lana's behavior in this episode gave Chloe a reason to finally say it out loud.

Right, exactly. And I can't fault Chloe for this, because the deep, loyal friendship Chloe and Clark have is earned. We've seen it. She's been there for him. He's been there for her. Its real, its honest. But Chloe/Lana? Its always been more off-screen then on. And I've almost never felt it from Lana's side. We've seen them together, doing "friend" things, but this "Best Friends" mantle never seemed earned. So, in a situation like this, to see Chloe plant her flag firmly on Clark Island, feels right. Because thats the best friend relationship that actually resonates.
Nov. 11th, 2007 11:12 am (UTC)
I agree with your points, I think you sum it up really well. Especially the thought "And if she doesn't have any respect for the way he chooses to live his life, and use his powers, then why are they even together? "

On a more shallow note, I found Lana's "bad ass" outfit a tad silly. The all black, leather jacket, stilleto boots look was a bit over the top for me.
Me, too. IMO, it's not necessary and a bit more subtlety would work very well too.
I find the "hairs bound back = bad Lana" and "hairs falling down = good Lana" symbolism a bit silly too, especially when I would want to emphasize that Lana is not just slipping into a role when she's "bad", but that this is in fact her personality.
Nov. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) I wasn't sure if I would really be able to put into words why I could see all the merit in this episode, yet not really enjoy it. I'm glad I was able to get that across.

And I think I just found the outfit hilariously over-the-top. Maybe if they had done one less element, maybe left off the boots, I think it would've be OK. As it is, the whole dominatrix effect was a bit much to take.
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