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 Well, I'm not sure how popular this will be, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway.  Because, what the hell, right?

Here's the challenge:

Of the 15 episodes that have aired this season, for each episode I want you to tell me your favorite scene (Keep It!), and which scene needed to be cut (Lose It!).

This can be as detailed, or undetailed, as you would like.  It could be just one line of dialogue.  It could be a throwaway scene that made you smile, or it could be something that was important to overall arcs for the season (all dozen of them!).

Personally, I'm doing this all from my memory, and scanning my old reviews.  I have no intention of rewatching any of the eps (You can't make me!!!).

I'll be back to edit this entry later with my choices.  But I figured I'd put the parameters out there for those of you that would like to contribute.  You can start putting your thinking caps on.

Its going to be a challenge, because I think there are some eps where I'd like to chuck 90% of the episode!!

Warning SPOILERS for all aired Smallville episodes


Keep:  Clark catching the Planet, and saving the people.  I almost went with Clark and Jonathan, but considering which scene I'm going to lose, it didn't fit.
Lose:  Clark at the FoS, getting the smackdown from Jor-El


Keep:  Clark getting into Cat's car, and then Deadshot firing the gun, and the subsequent save.
Lose:  Carter saying "why don't you ask Clark?"  I had no problem with Lois and Carter scenes, and Carter being a sounding board for Lois.  I've always had a problem with them openly discussing Clark's secret behind his back.


Keep:  Lois/Godfrey encounter in the church
Lose:  God, everything else?  OK, thats not fair.  OK, Godfrey claiming Lois is too pure to be possessed.


Keep:  Clark and Lois in the barn at the end
Lose:  Clark getting a lecture for not being there for Oliver in his moment of whiny crisis


Keep:  The reveal at the end.  But for an episode I find to be a waste, there was actually a lot of scenes I didn't want to lose.  Like Cat stabbing Lois in the hand.  Or Tess laughing at Cat.  Or Clark and Oliver asking Tess to join Watchtower.  Or Tess reading Peter Pan to little Alexander
Lose:  Lois finding the necklace in her bag and getting possessed by the goddess Isis


Keep:  Lois admiring Clark stripping
Lose:  The whole stupid Village of the Damned


Keep:  Clark finally having had enough, and not taking any more shit from General Lane.
Lose:  Lucy kissing Clark


Keep:  Clark rescuing himself from Granny Goodness
Lose:  Clark seeing the hologram of his parents and learning almost nothing new.


Keep:  "Sorry to interrupt the Real Housewives of Metropolis"  
Lose:  God, where do I start?  Any scene that Lois/Mera share, followed closely by the Oliver montage


Keep:  Clark Luthor crashing down through the ceiling of Watchtower.  Followed closely by  our Clark being a great friend to Tess at the end.  Honorable mention to Clark Luthor kissing the sense out of RL Tess Mercer.  2nd honorable mention to the coffee guys
Lose:  The unexplained Watchtower fight aftermath, which just hints at an exciting action sequence we didn't get to see.


Keep:  The engagement party.
Lose:  Slade slapping around Lois


Keep:  Rick Flagg and Deadshot
Lose:  Anything having to do with Chloe


Keep:  "I watched your body fall 40 stories...it was the greatest moment of my life"  "In this world, you killed my parents"  "In mine too, and I had a very good reason"  Clark and Martha in the Kent kitchen (I couldn't vote for the viewer submitted testimonials, because its just stuff we haven't gotten to seen on screen)
Lose:  The Chloe/Martha scene


Keep:  Clark in reporter mode, finding out that he has an admirer.  Dessad.  "Whoosh!"
Lose:  Chloe and Oliver taking out a room full of agents


Keep:  The Lemur
Lose:  The final Chlark scene. The casino fight scene. Pretty much any scene, really.


Keep:  The first Cless scene. The Tess/Lionel scenes.
Lose:  Conner's kidnapping and abuse of Lois



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Mar. 8th, 2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
Also doing this from memory...

Keep: Clark/Jonathan scene at the end
Lose: all scenes with grown-up Lex-clone & Jor-El castigating Clark.

Keep: Clark unhappily cramming himself into Cat's pink car.
Lose: Scenes where Carter & Lois "out" their joint knowledge of Clark's secret (replace with scene where Lois delicately interrogates Carter to see what HE knows.)

Keep: Godfrey's first scene & Lois: "Goodbye Barbie Dream Desk!"
Lose: Everything else but especially Clark not being as "pure of heart" as Kara & Lois.

Keep: Almost everything with one big exception...
Lose: The scene where Brainiac 5 spoonfeeds Clark his future. Replace with vision of dystopian post-Darkseid future. Clark looks, says "Nope, not gonna happen, I'll make sure of it" then returns to dance with Lois, his freewill intact.

Keep: The secret-telling & flying post-it notes at the end & Clark's elegant rescue of Cat.
Lose: Every line of dialogue from the goddess Isis.

Keep: First scene with Tess & Alexander
Lose: Endless scene of cultists & Lois having dinner.

Keep: Clark quietly standing up for himself to General Lane
Lose: Lucy (though I like Peyton List.) Explosion of the Talon. Have Clark rescue General Lane instead of Lois.

Keep: First scene of Clark/Tess investigating; introduction of Desaad.
Lose: Cheesy scene at the Fortress (and give Teri H. a better monologue!)

Keep: Lois interviewing Slade
Lose: all marriage-allegories from the Aqua-couple.

Keep: All of it, especially Tess meeting Clark Luthor!
Lose: would have had just one scene with AU Lois & Ollie to allow for more Clark Luthor.

Keep: Lois: "I hate slides!"
Lose: Any scene where Clark rushes in late & redundant

Keep: Oliver's "mad" act!
Lose: Any scene where Clark is given a Life Lesson.

Keep: Clark watching his fan-vids. Lionel snarking at Oliver
Lose: Chloe/Martha chat

Keep: Clark & Bert!
Lose: Overlong "Date Night" set-up

Keep: Clark bringing the Luthorcorp sign home ♥
Lose: Hard to choose...Emil in a head clamp.

Keep: Clark: I won't let you hurt him, like you did Lex. He was my closest friend, and Lionel Luthor's influence destroyed him.
Lose: Unpleasant Conner/Lois plot.
Mar. 9th, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your responses. Not surprised to see a lot of the same scenes pop up for us.
Mar. 9th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
I agree....


Keep: Clark catching the Planet, and saving the people.

We've got all of hiatus, so mine will be a while in coming.
Mar. 9th, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
Re: I agree....
Take your time. Like you said, we have weeks.
Mar. 9th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
I am using SVWiki to help me remember things, cause my mmemory sucks.

Keep: The Tess-wee!Alexander fireplace scene. But since that was part of a montage, I'll also keep the Clonex-Clark scene.
Lose: Chloe and the Fate helmet.

Keep: Pretty much all the Cat-Clark interaction, but mostly the scene where she tells him about her son.
Lose: The Carter/Lois kiss.

Keep: Godfrey torturing Lois. Yes, it was graphic and potentially unnecessary, but knowing the Darkseid comics as I do, it was also perfect.
Lose: Kara telling Clark that Jor-El trusts her now and has disowned Clark.

Keep: Future!Lois and her eye circles.
Lose: The Chloe/Torch crap. Okay, maybe just the Chloe crap.

Keep: I have no choice. Tess laughing her ass off at Cat. Followed closely by Tess annoying Oliver by finishing his sentences for him. And then the Blur reveal, which was 10000x better than the hugely pimped end of "Homecoming." And... huh. I'd keep a whole lot of stuff, actually.
Lose: Isis!Lois flying.

Keep: Alexander shaving his head.
Lose: Lois' end speech to the villagers. I understand why she did it, it was just too over the top and lacked a proper explanation

Keep: Clark's snotty attitude toward the General. <3
Lose: Lucy. Completely.

Keep: Everything with Tess in it. The Fortress hologram message.
Lose: The Fake Furies.

Keep: Smart Lois handling Gen. Slade in their first meeting.
Lose: Oliver being kidnapped, shirtless and tortured. Again.

Keep: ...pretty much everything.
Lose: I could have done without Clark trying to convince alt!Lois that he was her soulmate.

Keep: The Clark-Oliver-Carter investigation scene.
Lose: The Chloe flashback.

Keep: The JL/SS working together at the end.
Lose: Chloe. All of it.

Keep: Scary, badass Alexander.
Lose: Passive Tess. And Chloe. All of it.

Keep: Desaad.
Lose: The initial Chlollie scene.

Keep: Drunk/hungover Clark.
Lose: Everything else. All of it.

Keep: Tess pwning Lionel.
Lose: Conner's infatuation with Lois.
Mar. 9th, 2011 07:32 pm (UTC)
Cool! When this is done, I think it would be fun to see what scenes for each ep got the most thumbs up, and thumbs down. I think we're definitely going to see a pattern emerge.
Mar. 9th, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Hey Val! :D

I'll try this out, but keep in mind that I've watched most of the episodes just once and my memory is a little clouded.

Lazarus (watched twice at the beginning of the season)

Keep: Clark stops the Daily Planet globe from crashing down. The Clark/Jonathan scene was well done.

Leave: Clark/Jor-El FoS scene. Clark falling flat from the top of a several hundred foot building - talk about anti-climactic.

Shield (watched twice at the beginning of the season)

Keep: The scene that leads into Clark saving Cat from her exploding car. The Cat/Clark Talon scene.

Leave: Hawkman kissing Lois.

Supergirl (watched once)

Keep: Lois finds Godfrey in the church

Leave: Clark attempting to fly (a scene that would've worked 3 seasons earlier). The writers hinting that Lois and Kara are pure of heart and Clark being the bad darkness guy.

Homecoming (watched twice)

Keep: Lois/Clark barn dance. Clark remembering fondly of Lana and Chloe.

Leave: BrainIAC 5 showing up and the subsequent handholding that followed.

Isis (watched once)

Keep: Lois/Clark Blur reveal.

Leave: Lois somehow ending up with that amulet that led to another possession episode.

Harvest (watched once)

Keep: Tess/Alexander scenes

Leave: The opening teaser that led to a terrible plot.

Ambush (watched once)

Keep: Clark/General Lane barn conversation

Leave: Lucy kissing Clark

Abandoned (watched once)

Keep: Clark saving himself from Granny.

Leave: The Jor-El/Lara recording that was tacked on at the end.

Patriot (watched once)

Keep: Lois investigating Slade

Leave: Lois/Clark scene towards the end. Oliver "exercise commercial". LOL

Luthor (watched once)

Keep: The AU Lionel end scene. Tess/Clark scene towards the end.

Leave: AU Lois/Clark scene.

Icarus (watched once)

Keep: Opening teaser.

Leave: The end funeral/white pyramid scene.

Collateral (watched twice - that's right. LOL)

Keep: Chloe's lackey's - Flagg and Deadshot.

Leave: Oh man. I'll just say Clark going along with the plan to keep the VRA trapped for an indefinite amount of time because wedding bells are gonna be ringin'. Every Chloe scene was beyond ridiculous though.

Beacon (watched once)

Keep: Clark saves Martha and AU Lionel.

Leave: Martha/Chloe conversation. AU Lionel making the moves on Martha.

Masquerade (watched twice)

Keep: Lois/Clark barn scene that led to "whoosh!". Microvision and Clark declaring that it's his power and he'll call it whatever he wants. Maybe that end Chloe/Oliver scene.

Leave: The FBI agents getting their asses handed to them by Chloe and Oliver.

Fortune (watched once)

Keep: Lemur. Just the lemur.

Leave: Chloe/Clark barn conversation. Oliver in drag and badass Chloe taking care of things at the casino while Lois scrambles around on the floor.

Scion (watched twice)

Keep: Opening teaser. Tess/Lionel scenes.

Leave: Red K Conner throwing Lois around. Conner stealing a fancy coat and necklace for Lois and the reaction of the policemen/security guys.

There they are. Then again, most of Season 10 needed to be left out. LOL


Mar. 9th, 2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks for playing Matt. You did great! Not surprising that you and I are really on the same page here.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 9th, 2011 07:35 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to think of other things to keep us busy over the hiatus, because this is it. Ya know? After the show is over, who knows what happens?

But, we'll see.

Great list!
Mar. 9th, 2011 11:57 pm (UTC)
Alright..*stretches* I can do this. I'm going to watch what I haven't yet and post that in another post.

Keep: Clark-Johnathan scene
Lose: Jor El acting schizo. Again.

Shield: Haven't seen it.

Keep: ..I guess Ollie's confession scene
Lose: Lois being pure of heart

Keep: Clark and Lois' dance.
Lose: Everything else. Specifically Clark going to the future

Keep: The final Clois scene
Lose: The Isis bits.

Keep: ___
Lose: Lois preaching to the crowd

Keep: Teri Hatcher
Lose: The Jor el and Lara flashback hologram thing

Patriot: Not seen.

Keep: "Clark Luthor!"
Lose: AU Clois

Keep: Hawkman's death
Lose: Proposal

Keep: Chloe being more happy to see Clark than Ollie.
Lose: Matrix Chloe

Keep: Lionel and ...Conner
Lose: Chlollie in bed

Keep: Chloe's red dress. Actually the seven sins scene
Lose: Chloe's red dress ;). Or where she takes down cops

Keep: Chloe and Tess dancing...oh wait. I guess the Lemur.
Lose: Chloe-Ollie being married.

Keep: Tess and Lionel at the end/final scene
Lose: Conner heat vision
Mar. 10th, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Lose: Chloe's red dress ;)

Hey now! ;)

Wow, I'm surprised at how much Chlollie stuff you'd be happy to lose. And what do you mean you missed 2 eps? LOL
(no subject) - wingster55 - Mar. 10th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC) - Expand
Mar. 10th, 2011 12:57 am (UTC)
-- Lazarus:

Keep: The "Death of Superman" scene in the beginning with Clark/Lois in the rain. The Jonathan/Clark scene at the end. Clark catching the globe and the striking image of Lois on the cross with the "S" sprayed onto her chest.

Lose: The Jor-el/Clark scene. The weird “dream sequence”. The convo with the fake Lex who gave Clark the dumbest ever challenge and then croaked.

-- Shield:

Keep: Lois in the desert (with revisions). Clark and Cat interactions.

Lose: Every scene with emo Ollie.

-- Supergirl:

Keep: The scene where Lois sneaks up behind Clark and they hug. The Lois/Godfrey scene in the church.

Lose: Every single scene with Kara. The Lois/Godfrey scene in the sex club. Every single scene with Oliver.

-- Homecoming:

Keep: Everything in the future. The final “I love you” scene in the barn.

Lose: Every mention of Chloe and Lana.

-- Isis:

Keep: Pretty much everything. All Lois/Cat/Clark scenes. Pretty much every Isis-in-Lois scene. The final reveal scene. All Tess scenes (especially her cracking up at Cat).

Lose: Opening Oliver scene. Lois flying.

-- Harvest:

Keep: Uhhhh…. As a self-respecting Cloiser, I suppose I should go with the sex scene. The opening scene when they’re driving and Clark changing the tire.


-- Ambush:

Keep: Every scene with the General and Clark.

Lose: Every scene with Lucy.

-- Abandoned:

Keep: The scene where Lois watches her mom’s video. The final scene with the toothbrush and an invitation to go out for karaoke.

Lose: Everything else.

-- Patriot:

Keep: All the Lois/Tess scenes. The final scene at Watchtower.

Lose: Every Mera/A.C. scene

-- Luthor:

Keep: Clark & AULois on the DP roof. The aftermath of the fight (which we could have seen the fight) where Lois recognizes Clark. Hospital scene with Clark and Lois.

Lose: Clark Kent waking up with two hookers in the AU – it didn’t even make sense in the context of the story.

-- Icarus:

Keep: Clark/Oliver/Hawkman working together. Tess/Emil/Lois waiting together to be interrogated. Hawkman saving Lois. Lois escaping from Tess’s office. The lead up to the proposal.

Lose: Every single scene with Slade.

-- Collateral:

Keep: Clark flies with Lois around DP globe. Clark and Lois in the barn.

Lose: Every single scene with Chloe.

-- Beacon:

Keep: Uhhh…. Hhhmmm…. Yeah, I got nothing.

Lose: Everything.

-- Masquerade:

Keep: Every single Clark and Lois scene.

Lose: Chloe’s almost kiss with a fake Clark. Chloe/Oliver taking down a room full of FBI agents.

-- Fortune:

Keep: Lemur. Tess/Emil. The video at the end. All the Lois/Oliver scenes.

Lose: Every single scene with Chloe. The Chlark “marriage” and Clark’s lack of reaction to it. The Lois and Clark scenes.

-- Scion:

Keep: The opening scene with Tess/Clark. The scene with Conner/Lois/Clark in the barn with the heat vision.

Lose: Every other scene.

Edited at 2011-03-10 01:06 am (UTC)
Mar. 10th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
Hey now, I'm losing whole eps here. LOL

But I get you, because I was very tempted to do the same thing. Just lose whole storylines out of episodes.

Its funny, thinking back, I didn't realize that Isis had so many scenes I liked.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)
(no subject) - sanalayla - Mar. 10th, 2011 03:23 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - jeannev - Mar. 10th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC) - Expand
Mar. 10th, 2011 01:38 am (UTC)
Oh I forgot about Ambush
Keep: Clark earning Sam Lane's respect.
Lose: Lucy kissing Clark.
Mar. 10th, 2011 02:42 am (UTC)
Hi Val,

It's me...Maria (aka wellinglover66) I'm gonna give it a try. I've only watched certain episodes once, so those I'll go by memory.

Keep: Globe catch; Jonathan/Clark scene
Lose: Ollie torture scene

Keep: All Clark/Cat scenes
Lose: All Lois/Carter scenes

Keep: There's really nothing good about this eppy that I'd keep, so I went w/ the shallow...the look on Clark's face when he's mid-air. Sorry, that's all I can remember.lol
Lose: Any and every Kara and Lois scene.

Keep: Clark meeting his Future-Self; the final scene
Lose: Lois' audacity thinking that everyone should remember who she was...that got played out fast.

Keep: Reveal scene
Lose: Lois as Isis scenes

Keep: Clark removing his shirt
Lose: Lois adventures in Village of the Damned

Keep: Clark/General scenes; opening scene
Lose: Lois/Lucy scene

Keep: Clark/Tess investigating; Clark escaping Granny's clutches
Lose: Lois/Ella scene

Keep: The WT scene
Lose: Lois/Mera...oh heck anything w/Mera

Keep: Clark in the AU; Clark Luthor/Tess scenes; final Clark/Tess scene
Lose: AULollie

Keep: Proposal scene
Lose: Everything else

Keep: VR Flight scene
Lose: Virtual Chloe; final Clark/Chloe scene

Keep: Final Clark/Martha scene
Lose: Chloe/Martha scene; Chlollie in bed scene

Keep: Investigative Clark, FTW!; Grand Master "CK" Blur scene.lol
Lose: All Chlollie scenes

Keep: Clark/Dr...the Lemur
Lose: Lollie scenes; final Clark/Chloe scene

Keep: Clark/Tess scenes
Lose: Lois/Conner scenes

Mar. 10th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
Hey Maria. Its nice to see you over here. Thanks for playing.

I see you mostly break down the scenes by the character/s in them. I can understand that. ;)
(no subject) - (Anonymous) - Mar. 10th, 2011 04:37 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - jeannev - Mar. 10th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC) - Expand
Mar. 10th, 2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
//Lose: God, everything else? OK, thats not fair.//

Oh, that's fair. Very fair, far as I'm concerned.

//The reveal at the end. But for an episode I find to be a waste, there was actually a lot of scenes I didn't want to lose. Like Cat stabbing Lois in the hand. Or Tess laughing at Cat. Or Clark and Oliver asking Tess to join Watchtower. Or Tess reading Peter Pan to little Alexander//

'Isis' is a odd one, isn't it? The bad is very bad, as we all know, but there are some great little gems in there too.

And what does it say about 'Icarus' (or me, heh!) that I can remember neither the best, nor the worst scene.
Mar. 10th, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
Its means that the episode was largely forgettable.

I hate the way Clark is written in Icarus. He has some nice moments with Lois, but other then that, there's no real life to him in that episode. Not surprised considering who wrote it.

I think another knock against Isis is that it was one of those eps that really suffered from the $1.29 budget the show has these days.
Mar. 10th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
Keep: The Clark/Jonathon scene. It's absolutely lovely.
Lose: I know it doesn't really make sense to keep the above if we get rid of this, but I still say cut that horrible Clark/Jor-El at the FOS scene. It's dreadful in its uncalled for harshness towards Clark. I don't know, find some other way to get Clark in not so great spirits, but this? Not this.

Keep: All the Cat Grant scenes. But the standout scene for me is still that Cat/GA scene - ::this:: is how you do comedy, 'Fortune.'
Lose: All of the Lois/Carter stuff? No? OK, then I guess that unnecessary bit with him kissing her.

Keep: The timeslot for the ep - show a repeat perhaps, of a better ep?
Lose: The ep itself.

Keep: All of the future scenes. Inherently I still have a bit of a problem with them being there in the first place but they're there, for better or worse, and I adored them. Everything - the glasses gesture, the kiss, the future self.
Lose: The whole nobody-remembers-Lois shtick.

Keep: The reveal scene - exactly the kind of moment I wanted/expected of a Clois reveal scene. The Clark/Tess/Oliver WT scene and Tess with lil!Alexander scenes are close seconds.
Lose: The entire Lois-gets-possessed. I know, I'm just taking out entire chunks here, heh.

Keep: See 'Supergirl' above.
Lose: Ditto. (I've grown to loathe this ep as much as 'Supergirl' I'm afraid).

Keep: All of it! But particularly the Clark/Gen exchanges.
Lose: Honestly, nothing.

Keep: The Tess-is-a-Luthor reveal.
Lose: Lois at the FOS.

Keep: The Lois/Slade scene.
Lose: The awfulness of the dialogue. All of it.

Keep: The marvellous, game changing final scene between Clark and Tess. Very close second - the coffee cart scene stealers.
Lose: The horrible first Clark/Tess scene. I hate the sacrificing of Clark' character here.

Keep: The Carter/Oliver scenes. Oliver: "Really?" Carter: "I miss my typewriter."
Lose: The Chloe cameo.

Keep: I just---can't. I'm sorry!
Lose: Whoever the writer was, for this dreck.

Keep: All the Lionel scenes, the dialogue in particular.
Lose: Chloe/Oliver post coitus at the WT.

Keep: The writing for Clark. All of it. Clark, Clark, Clark. The global saves was an especially nice touch.
Lose: I loved almost everything about this ep, a great deal in fact. But I definitely wouldn't be opposed to cutting a couple Chlollie scenes. Or trim them at the very least.

Keep: I'm terrible at this aren't I?? If I'm really generous I suppose the Emil/Tess stuff.
Lose: I think you know where I'm getting at, heh. But particularly choppable is the awful Chlark scene at the end of the ep.

Keep: The Tess/Lionel scenes.
Lose: All the sorry attempts at 'homages' to past scenes. No thank you.
Mar. 10th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
Its just too damned difficult not to want to lose whole episodes, or whole plots of episodes. I totally agree.

With Supergirl, Collateral, Fortune, even Patriot, I was just trying so hard to think of something I genuinely wanted to keep. On the other hand, I had no trouble at all finding things I wanted to lose.

One of the fun things about this game is that there is so much consensus on what worked, and what doesn't, in the eps. Well, at least here there is :D
Mar. 11th, 2011 08:36 am (UTC)
I tried really hard to boil my likes and dislikes down to one scene. I failed and had to cheat occasionally.

Keep: Clark catches the DP Globe
Cut: Jor-el rebukes and rejects Clark in the fortress

Keep: Clark saving Cat from the car explosion caused by Deadshot
Cut: Emo Oliver.

Keep: The Gordon Godfrey plot.
Cut: I honestly want to cut this entire episode out of the season.

Keep: The Entire Episode
Cut: The specifics about the future. I wish that Brainiac had left things open ... maybe it was one possible future OR the future is not set/is ever changing/or something.

Keep: Clark tells Lois is secret and is tackled
Cut: Isis. Cut her character out of this episode completely. LOL!
Also Keep: Oliver’s big museum show complete with Lois and Cat fighting over getting the big scoop – I know this scene is imaginary but it should have been in the episode and it should have been the opening scene

Keep: Tess/Clone & Clois developments
Cut: The rest of this episode from the season
Also Keep: The Offscreenville Clark/Lois Q&A session during which Clark tells Lois all the stuff she seems to know in the opening scene of this episode

Keep: Sam Lane vs. Clark Kent – Clark wins
Cut: Lucy is so easily tricked by Flagg and kisses Clark

Keep: Everything regarding Tess/Granny/Lutessa & Lois' closure regarding her mother (even though that seemed to belong in some other episode)
Cut: lame-o bdsm harpies
Also Keep: Clark shutting down Granny’s evil orphanage – imaginary scene from Offscreenville.

Keep: Clark/Oliver/Tess scene where they discuss the VRA
Cut: AC/Mera Clois pimping/mentoring/mirroring
Also Keep: The offscreenville aftermath of the huge explosion which answers the questions (1) How did Clark survive the explosion in a Kryptonite cave? (2) How did Slade survive the explosion? Etc. ; The alternate take of the final Clois scene in which Lois and Clark actually touch each other affectionately

Keep: Clark Luthor & AU Lionel & both versions of Tess
Cut: Clark says Luthor blood is poison; OOC
Also Keep: The Offscreenville scene where we find out what the frak was the point of this episode (it was so entertaining though, maybe it doesn't really need one LOL!); The huge knock-down, drag-out offscreenville fight between Oliver, Tess, Lois AND Clark Luthor!!!

Keep: Lois pleads with Cat; and Cat rethinks her rigid stance on "vigilantes"
Cut: I can’t even wrap my head around what the heck this episode is supposed to be about. The VRA uses magical miniature pyramids to abduct superheroes?

Keep: Clark can't trust Chloe on the rooftop
Cut: Chloe explains it all to Oliver at the beginning of the episode (fail) then the episode becomes the Matrixception

Keep: Lionel/Tess/Alexanderclone & Fan videos to Clark
Cut: Clark being grumpy and moping around for no reason

Keep: Hero Clark; Clois; The Last Temptation of Chloe Sullivan
Cut: Chloe and Oliver fighting the FBI together; Oliver whining about not being able to go to his fave restaurants; Oliver hiding with a hat and some shades; Chloe calling Oliver dramatic when she put on the helmet of fate for no reason

Keep: Emilvis! & Drunk/Hungover Clark
Cut: Emil/Tess sex & so much more
Also Keep: The alternate take in which Lois passionately jumps Clark after his love speech before the drunken magical champagne video.

Keep: Conner/Clark bonding; Clark opening up to Lois
Cut: The heavy handed homage to past episodes & Conner attacking Lois while on RedK
Mar. 11th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
What? Cheating? Oh, thats it, you're punished. ;)

I'm just glad you gave it a shot! Thanks for playing. Its great to read everyone answers, and see how many similarities there are between responses. Eps definitely had common things that seemed to work, and didn't work.

Oh, and I also wanted to add that I LOVED your idea for lost scenes that should've been there. You might have given me my next idea for a SV game.

Edited at 2011-03-11 02:56 pm (UTC)
Mar. 12th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oooh, this sounds fun!


Keep- The Chlollie trade. All the Chloe scenes were cool, but this one had the biggest impact for me.

Lose- Lois in the cornfield, and only because Lex-clone failed to finish the job.

Didn't watch Shield or Supergirl.


Keep- The Chloe fans. They were so cute.

Lose- I'd say everything else, but since that would be cheating, I'll say dancing in the barn.

Didn't watch Isis, Harvest, Ambush, Abandoned, Patriot, Luthor, or Icarus.


Keep- Chlollie in the WT. It was hard to pick one scene with Chloe, since I loved all her scenes, but this one was the best.

Lose- Dinah's Chloe-bashing. It's bad enough reading the overwhelming Chloe-hate online, I don't want it in the show. Con-crit of a character (yours, mostly) is fine, bashing is not.


Keep- The Chloe/Martha scene. IMO it was in no way, shape, or form OOC or rewriting history.

Lose- The Martha/Lois kitchen scene. My poor barf bag was begging for mercy after that.


Keep- The Chloe/Desaad torture scene. Brilliant.

Lose- Lois trying to mess with Clark's jacket. Hands off, you twit! Just because you know the secret does not give you the right to do that.


Keep- For an episode that I hated, there were some bits I liked, but since I can pick only one, I'm going with the Chlark farewell. For a final scene (as it was at the time), I thought it was very well done.

Lose- The Lois-chases-the-ring antics. Yeah, I realize it means a lot to her, but too much time was wasted on that crap.

Didn't watch Scion.
Mar. 13th, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing. I can't say I agree with too many of these (especially on the Chloe/Martha scene from Beacon), but I'm still glad that you played and offered your own perspective. Thats definitely one thing you can say for SV, it truly does seem to mean very different things to different people.
Mar. 12th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
Late to the party as usual. I like this concept.:) This should be fun. Keep in mind that I haven't watched these episodes (other than Luthor) more than twice, so my memory is rusty. Especially for the first 10.

Keep: The Clark-Jonathan scene (the VAST tribute coming 2nd)
Lose: Jor-El disowning Clark at the FOS. Ugh.

Keep: The scene where Tess helps Clark I guess.
Lose: Carter kissing Lois. I know why he did, but seriously? What was the point?

Keep: Oliver revealing his identity I guess. Meh episode for the most parts for me.
Lose: The Clark/Kara scene at the barn where Clark is adamant that it's his job to face the Darkness. The rest was bad too, but I am trying to limit it to one.

Keep: Watching Jonathan's death again struck a cord. (honourable mentions: Clark's face once he is announced Homecoming king and the torchettes)
Lose: Clark seeing the future. Didn't like the notion that this is what reassured Clark that he can become the hero everyone thinks he can.

Keep: Tess reading Alexander a story. (And Tess becoming WT just behind).
Lose: The scene where Lois practicises to talk to Clark bored me (the "without love you are barely existing" concept coming 2nd)

Keep: Clark saving Lois from the Blue K fire. (I like scenes where Clark saves people without his powers)
Lose: Lois speech towards the villagers in the end.

Keep: "I am not on trial Sam". (Oliver jumping off the window comes 2nd).
Lose: Lucy kissing Clark.

Keep: Tess finding out she is a Luthor (that brief scene of Tess in her slip comes 2nd).
Lose: Lois visiting the FOS to fix Clark's relationship with Jor-El.

Keep: The real Housewives of Metropolis line.
Lose: How the Clark/Slade scene ended. (Lois' scene with Emil coming 2nd).

Keep: "You are not alone anymore". (followed closely by the Clark Luthor/Tess scene, Lionel's 1st scene and his last scene where he broke the 4th wall)
Lose: Nothing. :D I just wanted to see more of CL.

Keep: Hawkman rescuing Lois. (HawkArrow banter coming 2nd)
Lose: Hawkman's final words. Maybe I am harsh, but when I saw him talking about Lois it ruined that emotional moment for me. (The dreaded "without love you are barely existing" theme strikes again).

Keep: I admit it felt good seeing Chloe again in her first scene with Oliver.
Lose: Lois trying to convince Clark that he should trust Chloe.

Keep: The Clark/Tess/Alexander scene at the barn (Clark saving Martha and Lionel coming 2nd).
Lose: Tess trying to kill Alexander.

Keep: The Clark/Bert scene.
Lose: Chlollie beating up FBI agents. Over the top imo.

Keep: The Lemur.
Lose: Don't know what to say here. I want to keep it to just one scene. I'll say the scene where they watch the video tape. It summarizes what happened in the entire epi and ends with the dreaded Temil sex. Like the cop out? ;)

Keep: The opening scene between Clark and Tess.
Lose: The Conner/Lois scene at the mansion.
Mar. 13th, 2011 05:10 am (UTC)
Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had some fun with the concept. Sometimes its better to just step away from the frustration I have with the series, and approach it from a different way.

Honestly, there weren't too many Tess scenes that came to mind when I thought about what I would lose. I think that says something about how interesting a character she's become for me.
Mar. 13th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
It does put things in perspective. And as I was making the list, I was surprised at how many Tess scenes stood out as my favourites. Not a total shocker there, but maybe confirmation that my mood about the show depends (too much) on what they do with her. I agree that she has been interesting. I just wish I felt like adding more Lois scenes in the keep category. I don't like not being interested in her scenes. Not that they were all a waste. i.e. the scene with Slade in Patriot was great. But we haven't had many chances to see Clark and her shine apart from each other.
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