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A Twist on a Top 5

After reading something that dawnybee posted on twitter yesterday (about her Aqua love), and thinking about something I discussed this past weekend with latxcvi , I decided to throw this question out to the flist.

What are your Top 5 Smallvile episodes?

But Wait!  Don't answer yet, because here comes the twist...

What are your Top 5 Smallville episodes that you feel have completely flown under the radar, and don't get the appreciation that the more accepted Big Name eps get?

A-Ha, did I throw you into a tailspin there?  Rock your world?  Upset the space-time continuum?

OK, probably not.  But I still think it could be fun :)

Truth be told, usually at this time, I'd be discussing the spoilers for the upcoming SV season.  Probably ranting, maybe anticipating.  But the reality is that the spoilers for the upcoming season of S10 run the gamut for me of rage-inducing (Supergirl), to Yawn (most everthing else), with a few dashes of "Well, maybe that will be interesting" (Tess, some guest stars).  So, I just don't have much to say.

So, instead...I come up with silly questions :)

My Top 5:



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Sep. 8th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Why would I hate you? I LIKE Noir. Hell, that episode has merit just for Tom Welling coming out of the bathroom, wiping off his mouth, clad in a tight, sleeveless white t-shirt. And then when he spun KK and laid one on her? Mercy! Is it getting hot in here?
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Sep. 8th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
"Truth be told, usually at this time, I'd be discussing the spoilers for the upcoming SV season. Probably ranting, maybe anticipating. But the reality is that the spoilers for the upcoming season of S10 run the gamut for me of rage-inducing (Supergirl), to Yawn (most everthing else), with a few dashes of "Well, maybe that will be interesting" (Tess, some guest stars). So, I just don't have much to say."

That's exactly how I feel about 99% of the Season 10 spoilers. The 1% that sound really cool aren't enough to balance out the crap.

As for my list:


I was going to pick Abyss, but I thought it might be too big of an episode to count.
Sep. 8th, 2010 09:17 pm (UTC)
Hey, I almost put Scare on my list. I think its one of those eps that totally flies under the radar. And Fragile is wonderful for the Claddie!

Ya know, I don't know about Abyss. I guess it could go either way with that one, but since its so talked about, I'd say its one of the "big" ones.
Sep. 8th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
I think we've gotten some good spoilers for every character and some meh ones, but from the overall feel, I am thinking this is going to be the best season so far. Then again, I may be biased because after all, 22 Episodes of Erica Durance is bound to make me a happy person.

My Top 5 (the ones I can think of right now):

Sep. 8th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
Yay for another vote for Fragile!

I think Onyx is underrated as well.
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Sep. 8th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
My main difficulty with this is not having a good feel for what is considered an inferior episode in the earlier seasons, before I started going online after every episode to share impressions. That said, I don't think there's any huge difference in those years. I'm guessing my first divergence may have come at Reckoning, which was no doubt a polarizing episode.

But I need data to make such an important decision and so I looked to k-sites episode ranking polls, which go back to early in S6. I compared those numbers with my numbers and the following episodes popped out:

Promise - such a beautiful episode and I like seeing parts of the tale from different POVs. And Lionel was back as the Magnificent Bastard! Although I have the average amount of Clana resentment, I did understand Clark's fear here of whether his decision to withhold the secret back in Hydro had been a wise one.

Fracture - Sure the plot device was as silly as it gets and a rip off of the movies, but who cares. I adored Clark's interactions with young Lex!

Bulletproof - I think this is a solid little episode, nothing brilliant to be sure, but certainly highly watchable with undercover Clark. I think the last scene colours many people's reactions to it.

Turbulence - I agree with you on this one: it's a gem, particularly the Clark-Tess battle of wits.

Warrior - I'm still a bit mystified by the relatively low ratings given to this episode, which I enjoyed immensely. Was it the Zantanna kiss? How was she to know Clark was off limits if he wasn't showing his feelings?

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Sep. 8th, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure I would categorize Promise as flying under the radar, since it was such a "big" episode, but there's no doubt that it was a very polarizing episode.

I also like Warrior, and have never really understood the negative backlash it got.

Yay for another Turbulence lover. Really, for me, that episode didn't do much wrong. The Clark/Tess stuff was GOLD! It was, by a mile, the best performance from Aaron Ashmore. And it had genuine tension. I have to admit that I've watched that last Chimmy scene about 10 times. I feel bad for Chloe, but ya know, she sort of had that coming. And when AA asks her "why did you marry me?", I felt like he was really the voice the audience in that moment.
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Sep. 8th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
A-Ha, I threw a curve ball. :P

Though I may still attempt the great SV ranking extravaganza.

All 5 of the eps you choose are eps I like a lot, though I have to admit that with Spell, the commentary must be on. With the commentary on, its a total LOVE!

Devoted is hilarious.

I do think Identity qualifies as slipping in under the radar. You're right that a lot of people loved it when it aired, but it seems to rarely get mentioned.

Tom is sensational in Splinter. That whole scene where he is talking to JM, and he's trying to recall whats happening, and he's all twitchy....crazy good. I always say that Tom must've spent some time with people on a lot of cocaine at some point in his life.
Sep. 9th, 2010 12:25 am (UTC)
Oooooh this is kind of cool. Hmmm, my picks for most unsung episodes are:

1. Scare

2. Rosetta

3. Relic

4. Spell

5. Splinter

Um, did you happen to notice that 3 out of 5 episodes I picked show Tom shirtless? Am I really that shallow?? Wait. Don't answer that. LOL
Sep. 9th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
Scare would definitely have made my list if I'd expanded it to 10. I definitely think thats a very good ep that flies under the radar.

I always think of Relic as a guilty pleasure. I'm not sure how good I think it it, but I sure love to watch it.

And shirtless Tom is an excellent reason to love an ep!
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Sep. 9th, 2010 02:59 am (UTC)
It's so hard to rank period, but ones that are unsung eps in my mind is even harder.

I'm a bit of a masochist, but I really think "Promise" and "Requiem" are two that I think that, despite being very divisive for fans of the show and shippers, I thought was excellently executed and emotionally wrenching and that was satisfying for me to not exactly be given what I wanted, but still being able to appreciate the journey and find enjoyment in what I did see. I would put "Requiem" in my top 5 period had it not been for how they resolved Clark and Lana.

*Hex and Warrior: Two wry and witty episodes, great characters. It's great to see SV do something that I think SPN does very well: offer seriocomic episodes that serve the mythos. I think people are so unused to that on SV that they pooh-pooh the eps as cheesy, but I thought they were great fun.

and of course "Aqua" :)
Sep. 9th, 2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
If you think this is hard to rank, I would love to rank all the eps, from 1 to....whatever we're up to. How crazy is that?

While I think Promise and Requiem are very polarizing eps, I'm not sure I'd agree that they fly under the radar. They are brave picks though. :)

Oh Aqua...."wet and ready Bro!"
Sep. 9th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
What are your Top 5 Smallville episodes that you feel have completely flown under the radar, and don't get the appreciation that the more accepted Big Name eps get?

Good Question!

  • Thirst and I think that I have made a good argument for this one. I certainly convinced myself.

    Clark and Lex are with me on this one. They are surprised if no one else is.

  • Visitor: Clark discovers another guy who doesn't feel like he fits in with Smallville, because he doesn't fit in. He is a Freak but of a different kind than a Meteorite Freak. He builds a tower to signal his kind to take him back home, and there for a while, Clark believes that he can go back home again, but not to Kansas but to the stars. And there for a moment, we believe it too.

    Clark saves Bad Art from its Critics.

    And you know? That tower meant more to me and I think to Clark in its hope, than any moment that Clark ever had with the AI in the Fortress.

  • Accelerate: I agree with you here. Was anyone creepier than Emily Eve Dinsmore? And as I looked at the picture of Emily Eve Dinsmore and Lana, I realized that Lana had changed places with Emily Eve which put a whole new cast on Lana as a character. She insisted on NO Secrets and NO Lies with Clark because she was so involved with a Great Lie and Secret. She really wasn't Lana.

    Now who really looks like Lana? It's the Clone Child, Emily Eve. This will not be first time that a Luthor clones Lana.
    And Lionel has tea with the Real Lana who is a Clone.

    This was a creepy tea party.

  • Scare: We see Clark's understanding of his origin in Smallville and on Smallville. Clark fears the meteorite shower and its effects on Smallville and how it affects how others see him. But Clark had no control over his arrival or the meteorite shower, but we see the indications that he will spend his life trying to rectify his effect on the world that he arrived in and adopted. Clark tried to make it all about Lana, but we can see beyond her and we can see what he really understands about himself.

    It is not just Clark being moody, but we see that Clark understands that actions have consequences. And someone as powerful as himself who acts can cause huge consequences and repercussions. It's a frightening thing to consider. But Clark will figure it out in the end. This is just the beginning.

  • Hourglass: I said it before, I don't believe in Woobie Lex. There was always something wrong with him and he always had a surplus of anger that could never be justified by Lionel's abuse.

    Cassandra saw it too.

  • jeannev
    Sep. 9th, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
    Yay, Pictures!

    See, thats it exactly...who the hell was creepier then Emily Dinsmore? And thats why Accelerate is such a good ep. I think people dismiss it because its a "Lana episode", but its really a well done ep with SV's creepiest meteor freak. And Lionel at the end? JG was perfection!

    I think Visitor is so underrated. Clark is so wonderfully compassionate and protective in that ep. And the scene where Cyrus heals the horse always makes me cry.
    Sep. 9th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)
    1: Insurgence - I love the way we see Clark psych himself up before jumping from the roof over to LuthorCorp.

    2: Run - BART ALLAN. nuff said :)

    3: Spell - I know it's bad but, it's sooo bad its good.

    4: Noir - Love the fact that it's Jimmy that, figures it all out.

    5: Bulletproof - A nice solid 'Clark' episode, I can even forgive the clana ending as we actually got to see Reporter!Clark out chasing a story. Plus Welling in a cops uniform is a treat. lol
    Sep. 9th, 2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
    Top 5 that Fly Under the Radar:

    1. I would agree with Turbulence. It was the first episode that truly gave Aaron Ashmore a chance to shine. I really felt for Jimmy in that episode and I think it was THAT episode that connected me to the character to the point where his death in "Doomsday" really, really resonated. Clark and Tess were also great in the episode. Tess was at her ambiguous best--you didn't know whether to believe her or call her a liar. On the one hand, it's probable that she was telling the truth about being abused. On the other hand, wouldn't that be the perfect thing to say to Clark if you wanted him on your side? A woman suggesting to Clark that she's been abused would be, as sick as it is, the best way to manipulate him because you know he'd feel disgusted by it. To this day, we still don't know if she was telling the truth or just manipulating his compassion and I like that. Clark trying to get her drunk and cutting off her air supply? Mr. Kent ain't as dumb as people make him out to be, now is he?

    2. I'd also agree with Devoted. Yes, the premise of the Green K sports drink was silly. But it was such a fun episode. It was great to see Clark figuring out how to be accepted by the football team. I still crack up when he goes out there to try and start at practice and the one guy snaps at him, "I'm not the Center, jerk." LOL Poor Clark. Chloe as the cheerleader was cringe worthy but I guess that was the point because you felt so bad for her. Clark and Lois teaming up showed a real glimpse into the kind of fun team they would make down the road. Clark kissing Mandy with Lois trying to get to him to say he'd "cook her dinner" was hilarious. Clark winning the big game still makes me smile because you can feel his joy. It was one of the few times in the series where Clark was truly allowed to be honest with Chloe about his feelings which showed that he was sensitive enough not to lead her on. The final scene with Clark and Lois was flirty and fun and ended fittingly with a tribute to Christopher Reeve.

    3. Rabid. I feel like this episode flew under the radar during Season 9. Clark was a hero from start to finish. I was angry at Oliver and yet....I knew as the audience member that I was supposed to think he was WRONG. Which is HUGE. I felt that the show was on Clark's side when he confronted Oliver--a viewpoint that the show lost as the season went on with Oliver and Chloe. Clark was firm and strong but he didn't condemn. Clark picking Lois up and carrying her up the stairs might be one of the most overtly romantic things Clark has ever done on the show. The hug in the rain and the subsequent farmhouse scene were beautifully shot and beautifully acted on both sides.

    4. Hourglass. This is an episode from Season 1 that I can watch over and over again. It gets extra points for having Hetty King from the Avonlea series. It was the first time we really saw Clark confront some of his fears about his future head on. Lex's vision of his future is still disturving 10 years later.

    5. A tie betweeen Ryan/Fragile. Tom does some of his best work when he's opposite a child. There is something about him that just resonates with children. Despite being so physically imposing in so many ways, he is able to get down on their level and speak to them in a very real way. It always gives us a chance to see how gentle Clark truly is and Clark's gentleness is one of my favorite things about him. The hot air balloon ride at the end of "Ryan" is considered sappy by some---but I still feel sad and touched when I watch it. Tom did a great job directing "Fragile" for his first time out there. His interaction with Maddie was a treat and really made the episode what it was. The episode gets bonus points for showing how hilariously awkward Lois is with children....one of her more iconic traits that Superman fans know is hilarious all the way through her relationship with Clark since he is so good and natural with children.

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    Sep. 9th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
    This is so difficult!

    The episodes I like most are popular, big and/or well appreciated episodes. On the flip side the episodes I like that are NOT well appreciated are BAD episodes. LOL!

    I agree with Visitor from your list. That was a really good episode and the interaction between Clark and the FOTW was lovely.

    Reading the posts has made me appreciate Accelerate more. The last scene with Lionel was wonderful. Now I want to re-watch Scare.

    I agree with those who posted Onyx and Bulletproof. Those were fantastic character driven episodes. I love Hourglass.

    I think I'd fare better with bad episodes you love. LOL!

    Sep. 9th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
    Hey, you might have given me my next idea! LOL

    I'm glad that I'm not alone in my Visitor love. I have no clue why that ep isn't appreciated.
    Sep. 9th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
    Here´s my list in random order:


    Lots of people found Subterranean bad. Yes, it is just a filler with an absurd FOTW. But there is lots of Clark (second highest screen time of S6 after Labyrinth!), he is the unquestioned hero throughout, and Tom playing big brother is always a treat for me.

    I guess I like all these episodes because they show Clark as an everyday hero, someone who cares deeply about others. And in Recruit he is allowed to come to an insight of his own, without anybody telling him. In Blank, Clark is still the same good Clark although he lost his memory. Actually, I enjoy episodes like these much more than all those featuring dark supervillains from outer space. This comic book stuff is too outlandish for me. I love my boy-next-door Clark! :)
    Sep. 9th, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
    Good list. I am definitely a Subterranean defender. Amongst all the crap that was S6, here we have an episode that really does highlight a lot of Clark's best qualities. Sure, the casting on the kid was a total miss. But that doesn't deter from the good Clark stuff.

    I don't mind Recruit, but I do have to admit that my biggest issue with the ep is that it follows Pariah, but has no connection to it. So, its kind of irksome from a continuity standpoint.

    I don't know if I think Blank is a "fly-under-the-radar" ep or not. It gets a lot of love. But I guess it is because it doesn't seem to hold a place in the "big" episode division.
    Sep. 9th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
    OK. This is difficult.
    Devoted: I could write an essay about that episode! First, Tom was a god of male beauty. But also, being a clex fan, I of course, LOVE the episode.
    I found Clark a bit manipulative (and I loved it!) with both Lex and Chloe. He decided to forgive Lex and then he asks for a favor right away. Not that I think that Lex isn't manipulative. He loves his boy in his own twisted way. When Clark kisses Chloe on the cheek at the end, I always felt he was afraid to lose her as a friend, so that's why he decided to make time for the Torch.
    And talk about being flustered by pretty girls! When Chlo-Lo "free" him from the cheerleader, he runs behind them as the cheerleader says:"I don't believe you Clark." LOL!
    Labyrinth: I don't know if it flies under the radar, but it's also an episode that I could write about. In particular, I loved how the phantom "interprets" the Lana he sees in Clark's mind, as basically a little girl with little girl clothes and furniture in the loft.
    I agree with Hourglass, and also Ryan. They got an extraordinary actor to play Ryan.
    Blank is on re-watch list too, as well as Spell (with the commentary YAY!! Best commentary ever).
    Sep. 10th, 2010 12:13 am (UTC)
    I actually watched Spell with the commentary last night. So hilarious. It made me nostalgic for the SV that was.

    It is tough, because some eps are like right on the cusp of being "big" and "flying-under-the-radar". To me, Blank and Labyrinth are probably in that grey zone, where it could go either way.

    But now, see, I think Hourglass is one of the "big" eps of S1. I think the imagery alone makes it one of the better known SV eps.

    I adored Devoted. It cracks me up. To me, there are 3 SV eps that are damned funny....Devoted, Spirit and Hex.
    Sep. 10th, 2010 12:34 am (UTC)
    This is tough. So much I can't answer right now. Waste of a comment? Pehraps.
    Sep. 10th, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
    Thats OK. Maybe something will come to you later. :)
    Sep. 10th, 2010 07:20 pm (UTC)
    //So, instead...I come up with silly questions :)//

    And I love ya for it. ::smooch::


    'Vengeance', 'Visitor', and 'Turbulence would certainly all find a place on my list too. But in the spirit of variety, I'll mix it up a bit (and cheat and do 6, but it wouldn't be me without an overextended list, would it, heh. ;-)

    Jinx: I liked the football storyline for Clark, and I thought some of his scenes with Jonathon wrt it had some real depth to them, in this ep. I also think it does a good job as an introductory/one-off ep for the villain, and though the potential was never quite realized, that final 33.1 scene was so full of kick ass promise at the time. Plus, it's a good ep for the supporting characters too - one of my favorite Chloe eps, in fact.

    Cyborg: I think in the mix of all the big name Superhero eps, this one tends to get a bit lost somewhere but I thought it was not only a solid ep for the hero introduction but a good story for Clark too. And the parallels between the other couple and Clana actually made sense and served the story for the most part, rather than feeling forced.

    Mercy: For one of those eps that's clearly designed as a vehicle for a character other than Clark (in this case, Lionel), surprisingly, as a Clark fan, I still very much enjoyed this. Despite the 'Saw' hangover, I thought the Lionel/Martha scenes were actually fairly suspenseful, and the (by then) relatively uneasy alliance between Clex to find their parents was handled quite well. Plus, there was that amazing elevator save.

    Hydro: A straight up, from start to finish, unabashadly enjoyable ep. And when it wasn't busy being as fun as it was (and all the Clois, Lois/Jimmy and Chloe/Linda stuff was terrific), I thought even the more subdued moments such as the Clana and Lexana scenes at the end had real emotional merit to them.

    Combat: Clark' behavior is controversial, yes, but it gives way to a Clark/Martha scene in the end which I really love, because it allows Clark a chance to really verbalize and articulate his thoughts and feelings - a rarity in latter seasons SV. The Lexana baby stuff is also controversial, but purely on the acting front I think KK hits it out of the park in this one. Add to this the fact that I think the Clark/Kane fight is one of the best action sequences the show has done, the main guest star/character is one enjoyable kook, and that it was a good story/ep for Lois as undercover reporter, and I actually think this is one of my my favorite eps, period.

    Fracture: There's stuff that could have been infinitely better handled, such as the inecxplicable disapperance of Lana towards the end, but I kinda love Clark' walk through Lex' mind. The Clex is the focus front and center, and scenes with wee!Lex and Clark in particular are terrific, illustrating very effectively one of Supes most defining qualities - his ability to not give up on people. I also found the Lois/Kara scenes cute and though there's a world of missed opportunity in there, the little bits with Lois trailing Lex are still fun because it led to one of my favorite Lois lines - "rhetorical question, Lex!"
    Sep. 10th, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
    Oh, you came up with some GOOD ones!

    Mercy! Totally. I really enjoy that episode. So many good scenes, and even though it was light on Clark, Clark is really great in it. I absolutely LOVE that scene when he gets right up in Lionel's face.

    I like Jinx, but I think I also have one very big problem with it. Chloe's deux ex machina sound device. That sort of drives me up the wall. But I think I would be able to forget that if they had kept in the deleted Clana scene where Clark tells Lana off. Its so rare to see him get fed up like that, and he does it in Jinx twice, if you include the Clana scene (he also doesn't play games with Lex at the end of the ep).

    I think you are right that Cyborg is the forgotten "hero introduction" episode, and I think its much better then Aqua.

    And I love you for playing *smoochs back*
    (no subject) - svfan01 - Sep. 14th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC) - Expand
    Sep. 10th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
    Britas15, sticking my head in!
    "Top Five That Have Flown Under The Radar," huh? Well, do you mind if I only give you two, and if I stick to Season 9?

    Actually, my choices may surprise you if you recall my objections to these two episodes, but, as another one of your posters mentioned, my reasons for thinking the episodes were unsung probably isn't obvious.

    (1) "Warrior": If only for that scene where little Alec asks Clark why he does what he does, the episode gets a (slight) pass from me. I loved, loved, loved that Clark explained that it's his CHOICE (not his destiny, or fate, or obligation, or whatever) to help people, and that he believes that even the people who do the worst things have some good in them, and that that good is worth saving. That, to me, was a really important and really Superman-ly moment. It reiterated that Clark's an eternal optimist as much as a pragmatist. He knows that even good people with good intentions can do bad things. And, moreover, he believes that people aren't inherently bad. Also, Clark put to rest the notion that I didn't like in earlier seasons that he was being forced or guilted into fulfilling his potential as a hero.

    (2) "Persuasion": This one also has to do with Clark's worldview, because just as "Warrior" re-established Clark's optimism and the fact that he has a choice, "Persuasion" made him all the more admirable because in it, he admits to being as susceptible to wanting revenge and wanting to do things the easy way as anybody else. But he doesn't believe in killing -- period. That's not his sense of justice. And I think that the show really established what sets Clark apart from so many other "heroes" (including the Chloes and Green Arrows of the world), and why he of all people can handle the responsibility of being as powerful as he is and will become. He's not gonna haul off and break someone's arm someday just because he's mad, or just because it's the easiest option. He'll be more than what other heroes are. He'll be a symbol. And as a symbol, he'll be above the petty stuff, because he won't be able to afford to let it tarnish how people see him.

    Moreover, I think that Clark drawing that line all on his own (even when it came to his father's murderer) absolutely underscored the fact that what happened in "Requiem" was just an instance of very, very bad writing. I don't believe for a second that Clark, regardless of how mad he is because someone fucked with his (already fucked-up) love life, would go after that person in a rage, intent on killing him or her, and then have to be talked down by someone like Lana. That wasn't Clark to me. Especially since it wasn't as if Lex hurt Lana. He just made sure that Clark couldn't be around her anymore. And mind you, he only did that AFTER Lana stole and then put on that damn suit, and then refused to get rid of it, WITH CLARK'S BLESSING. *thinks about how bad that arc was for Clark; vomits*

    Even if when Clark's someday married to Lois and someone kidnaps her for the millionth time or tries to use her against him for the billionth time, I don't believe Clark would even consider killing that person. Would he put the fear of god into him or her? Well, I certainly hope that Mr. Lois-Lane-is-off-limits would lay down the fucking law. (After all, I'd like to think that pretty much everyone except for the Baddest of The Baddies wouldn't mess with Lois BECAUSE Superman looks out for her. Hell, I wouldn't want that guy comin' after me unless I had one hell of a plan up my sleeve. And now that I think about it, I'd like to see the show do a storyline like that before it's over, instead of only ever showing how victimized the people who are close to Clark are. FOr instance, they could have some baddie-of-the-week walk into a room and realize that one of his or her subordinates have kidnapped Lois to get to The Blur, and then have the baddie-of-the-week freak the hell out, saying, "Are you kidding me?! Get her the hell outta here, and apologize on the way!")

    But killing someone just because that person did something as minor as what Lex did to Lana, or even as major as what Alia did to Jor-El? No. I don't think so. That's not the Superman-ly way, IMO.

    Hope all is well with you!
    Sep. 11th, 2010 02:47 am (UTC)
    Re: Britas15, sticking my head in!
    Hey you! Yeah, everything is fine. Same ol' stuff, different day.

    Warrior doesn't surprise me so much, but I have to admit, Persuasion does. If I was looking strictly at S9, I think Warrior and Conspiracy would be my 2 eps that flew under the radar. I think one of the reasons I like Conspiracy so much is that Clark/Faora interactions. And I also like Lois very much in it. And that one scene of Clois at the DP, where Clark gives her that sexy "Hello" is....well, sexy.
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