TV Round-UP

Its that time again.  Time to update everyone on what I'm watching, and what I think about what I'm watching.

I'm planning another post talking about the 5 most interesting guys in series right now according to me, but thats coming later.  

Lets start with the show that will be airing tonight


Love This Show!  And I think I really figured out what I like so much about it.  I really like the men on this show.  Not in a "Tom Welling, I want to have sex with them" sort of way (Oh, OK, I would totally have sex with Jack!).  But I just find them all interesting, and all the actors competent, and I think the show has created some interesting male characters.  And while that shouldn't be shocking, since male characters abound on television, I do think its an accomplishment for a show that is built around a female character, with another female character being closest to be the co-star.  And when you compare it to Ringer, where the male characters are a very mixed bag, it feels like something.   I guess this is my long winded way of saying that I think the characters are strong, for the most part, on this show.  Now, I'm not giving it a totally free pass, because this show does have huge gaping holes of logic that don't hold up if you look too closely (just how old would that dog be anyway?).  And the teenage characters of Declan and Charlotte are unbearable.  But, I really look forward to this show every week, and my brain is starting to spin together speculations, and desired plotlines, which is a sure sign I'm well and truly hooked.

And, oh yeah, Team Emily & Jack!

Project Runway

Oh God, who cares?  Victor is clearly the best of the final 4, but he's still a bore.  Anya is a talented designer who seems a bit one note.  Kimberly is all over the place.  And Joshua is an insufferable douchbag with lady brows.  I'm waiting for Project Runway All Stars, which I'm hearing has been pushed back until next year :(


OK, that episode last week?  The one with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter?  What a waste of time!  Let me get this clear, was it supposed to be cute that these 2 witches were murdering people (horribly) because they were having a jealous snit with each other?  And please explain to me why Dean felt he had to kill Amy, in front of her kid, because she killed to save her child, but seems to have no problems walking away from these 2 who murdered 4 people, attempted to murder another, and just did it because they could.  This was clearly a throwaway episode, sacrificed to the Gods of stunt casting, which so reminds me of the mistakes Smallville made so often.  This show is very hit or miss with me this season, and Dean is working my last nerve.  Again.  I do enjoy Sam though, and Bobby always rocks!  This is feeling like maybe its time for them to fold up their tents and go home with this show.  

Once Upon A Time

I liked it.  Jennifer Morrison surprised me, as I've never thought much of her.  But she was a strong lead here, and Ginnifer Goodwin was equally good.  I like the little kid, and the concept.  So, I'll keep watching.  Now, I didn't love it.  For one thing, Lana Parilla's Evil Queen is a bit over-the-top, tilting dangerously toward camp.  And I'm not sure this show could've found a more bland Prince Charming if they tried.  I don't know, but shouldn't Prince Charming sort of blow your socks off?

Boardwalk Empire

What a fabulous season this show is having, the last episode was crazy!  Nucky and Eli having it out, Eli beating a man to death with a wrench, and most especially Jimmy and Richard scalping that old guy in the wheelchair (that will teach him to swing that cane!).  This is always a good show, though it does have weak spots.  Luckily, this past week was pretty weak spot free.  And Jack Huston's portrayal of the sad, damaged Richard Harrow is the sort of thing that should win emmys. but will likely be ignored.

The Walking Dead

Already renewed for a season 3!!  And its not wonder.  This show is such a heart pounding thrill ride.  While I didn't think the premiere was quite as good as the hype, I thought the 2nd episode was excellent.  The drama surrounding Karl is heartbreaking.  And this might actually be the first time I really, really liked Shane.  The way he dealt with Rick, the way he went to get Karl the supplies he needed?  Heroic!  and Meanwhile, back at the highway, I love how much of a leadership role Daryl is taking here.  He's having a great character arc, and I hope that continues throughout the season.  When he whipped those pills out of his saddlebag, I laughed out loud.   Great show!  


This is a very intense show to watch.  Claire Danes is one of those actresses where you can't deny her talent, but she never comes across as very likeable (at least not in years).  But here, that quality works for her, as her Carrie Mathison is sort of a neurotic nutbag, who also happens to be good as her job.  But to me, the real revelation in this series is Damian Lewis.  His Brody is a an odd mix of sympathetic, and very creepy all rolled into one.  And Morena Baccarin is ridiculously gorgeous.

Sons of Anarchy

Oh, this show.  I can't deny how compelling it is.  Its really a soap opera, but one that takes place in the world of bikers, where people say "shit" and "dick" a lot, and there are porn actresses, and vile criminals, and lots of gory killing, etc.  But really, its a soap.  And its never been more soap-ish then this season.  The problem is though that I worry that the show is not going to follow through with the present storyline.  I worry that its going to chicken out, and keep Clay on as a viable character, when he's gone so far beyond a salvageable character.  Especially after this past week.  He cares nothing about no one, and Ron Perlman's rather flat performance doesn't help matters.  Also troubling is how little I'm liking Jax.  Sure, he keeps harping on "protecting his family", but aren't the other club members his family too?  And in his rush to make himself a nest egg so he could run off with Tara and the kids (because Jax can't be livin' off no wimmins!  Neanderthal!), did he stop to consider the shit storm he was going to be leaving to the rest of the club, namely Opie, who he decided should run the club (he didn't bother to mention this to Opie)?  It wasn't until this last weeks show that I even saw any turmoil within Jax over this decision.

So, I hope Kurt Sutter has the balls to follow through on what he started this season, and hope we see some important characters go down.  Because this shouldn't be a show where a bunch of "red shirts" are the only ones catching bullets.  

On a good note, the actors playing Opie, Bobby, Piney, Unser, Juice have never been better.

I decided not to watch Terra Nova after all, when I couldn't get past the annoying teenagers that were infecting my TV screen like a plague of locusts.  And I catch Ringer occasionally, but its so awful, I just can't make it priority television.  


TV Watching Round-Up

Time for another update on what I've been watching.

But first, this

Because its so amazing.

Now, for the what I'm watching, in no particular order


I wasn't a huge fan of the premiere episode, as I felt it was a bit choppy and slow, and I also felt the script wasn't as sharp and witty as is the norm for this show.  But, I loved the 2nd episode a lot.  I think Jared Padalecki is doing a great job, and to me, he's come along so well as an actor.  I remember not thinking much of him in the early seasons, but I think he's owned the last 2.  I felt so bad for him, when he's trying to ignore the Devil in the room, but his eyes kept darting nervously over to where it appeared he was sitting.  Dean and Bobby have been solid thus far, but I'm going to miss Castiel on a more regular basis.  I'm still a little on the fence over this new Leviathon threat, only because it feels a little been-there-done-that to me, but its still early.


There's no doubt that this show looks amazing.  And the 4 lead actresses are both attractive and engaging.  Unfortunately the pilot was dead boring, and I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be about.  Spy stewardess?  Family angst? Falling for the wrong guys on flights?  Pretty girls trying to be taken seriously?  Sexism in the workplace?  See, I really don't know.  Also, not one male actor in the pilot was even remotely interesting, particularly the hot shot pilot who looks about 22, which would make it highly unlikely that he'd have been given command over a brand new fancy airplane.  But, like I said, looks great.  Will I watch it again?  Only if tonights Homeland premiere doesn't work for me.


This is a really good series.  I don't love it like I've loved previous HBO series, Deadwood, Rome or Carnivale, or current series Game of Thrones.  And its not brain crack like True Blood.  But there's no denying the quality in this series, and Steve Buscemi is a great lead.  The show is full of really A-game actors, with Jack Huston a standout as the damaged Richard.  I do feel like the women on this show aren't nearly as interesting as the men, and I wish that was addressed.  Both Aleksa Palladino and Paz de la Huerta could disappear from the show tomorrow, and I'm not sure you'd even feel a ripple.  I love the conflict they set up last season, and are continuing on this season.  


Too much family angst and whining teenagers, not enough dinosaurs.  I guess that shouldn't surprise me since they are on a TV budget, but it wouldn't be such an issue if the former wasn't so damned boring.  Jason O'Mara, who is normally a strong, solid actor seems out of his element  for some reason, and its terribly distracting that his wife looks about the same age as their teenager daughter.  And does every single damned show have to have the mouthy, rebellous teen?  I would like teenagers banned from all my shows please!  I'm going to stick with it for now, but the pilot only rated a Eh, OK.


OK, last year I said I was done with Glee, and I sort of am.  What I've been doing is DVR'ing it, and then watching it later with one finger on the FF button.  I do think the show is trying to correct some mistakes it made last year, but my problem still remains.  I just don't like the characters who are the "chosen ones" on this show.  I can't stand Rachel.  Since they've turned Kurt into a Saint/Martyr, he's so hard to take.  And the Rachel/Kurt friendship makes me want to spork my eyeballs.  Finn is a cipher, and is always exponentially less interesting when he's dating Rachel.  I love Darren Criss, but I think I'm still waiting for Blaine to become a real character, with flaws and dimensions.  Its great to see Quinn and Puck getting a storyline that addresses the baby they had together, but I'm afraid to invest in anything with these characters, b/c the writers don't really care about them, and thus write them with little consistency or care.  Its a very flawed show with mediocre writing, and great musical numbers.  


The first episode was cute, but not particularly funny, but I thought the second one was much funnier.  I really missed Damon Wayans Jr though, and if Happy Endings doesn't get a third season, I hope they'll bring him back.  I think my favorite character might be her girlfriend, the model.


Oh, come on, this show is pretty terrible, though its 3rd episode was its best.  Ioan Gruffudd remains the bright spot, but I guess I'm just not feeling what SMG is putting down.  She still feels uncomfortably miscast to me in this vehicle.  Its very soapy, so I can see what that might appeal to some folks, but I think soap operas sense of the ridiculous doesn't always translate well to late night television.  I have to laugh at everytime SMG takes this enormous gun out of her purse and stares at it with furrowed brow.  


I'm going to dub this season "When is Clay going to freaking die?"  So far, I don't know what to feel about the current storyline.  If there is significant and long lasting fall-out over all this, then its worth it.  If its just going to get swept under the rug ala the hit that killed Opie's wife 2 years ago, then I'm going call Foul!  I've never been a big fan of Clay, but at this point he's completely loathesome.  And Jax, who should be our touchstone character, is being a total selfish jackass who prefers running drugs for a cartel over having to let his wife be the breadwinner for a few years while they figure things out.  And speaking of Tara, can she just freaking do something?  Anything?  What a dish rag of a character.  And I'm just not buying the storyline with Juice at all.  But, I've never loved Bobby or Piney more then I do this season, and Opie is still my guy.  I think this storyline could be great, but only if the writers are courageous enough to go where this storyline really needs to go.


My favorite of any of the new shows I've watched.  I've never thought much of Emily Van Camp, but I think she's doing a great job.  I just love when she does that pretty smile, and then when no one is watching her, she goes all steely and cold.  This is another new show that looks fantastic, but its got good substance as well as style.  And the cast of actors works for me almost completely (points off for obnoxious teenagers, Again!).  One of the things I was worried about with this series was that the premise would not have a lot of places to go, but having watched 3 eps, I think I'm really seeing more and more possibilities here.  Highly recommended.


Its not really a great group this year, is it?  I think Anya is a good designer, but I'm just not as in love with her as the judges are.  I have a soft spot for Bert.  Since we're down to 6, I've already picked my top 3, Victor, Anya and Bert.  And its not that the 3 of them are so great, its that the other 3 remaining, Josh (so fucking annoying), Laura and Kimberly are so damned mediocre, the possibility of them making the finals makes my eye twitch.


Its finished its special 3 ep run with a very funny episode.  Rip can stay!

Tonight, I try Showtime's Homeland to see what I think.  And Walking Dead is back in a few weeks!  I'm excited.  Bring on the Zombies!

And I end this post with this sentiment....OK Mr Welling, you're really starting to cheese me off now.  Time to get back in front of the camera, NOW!

TV Watching Update

Since I'm home sick, and not doing much of anytyhing, I thought I'd write up a TV Watching Update

2011 Emmy Awards

Why do the Emmys always make me cringe? I thought Jane Lynch was a decent host, but the musical numbers, the Jersey spoof, and the "Emmytones" (OMG, the worst!) were awful. Who gets paid to come up with this crap? And why is it even necessary? Just give out the damned awards! Was very happy to see Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Margo Martindale (Justified) and the always likeable Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) win. I never saw FNL, but who can root against Kyle Chandler? I was unhappy that Steve Carrell never was honored for his role on The Office, Kate Winslett won for the insufferable Mildred Pierce mini, and that Man Men won over Game of Thrones. Though none of these came as surprises.

Favorite dresses: Martha Plimpton, Sofia Vergara, Evan Rachel Wood, Lena Headey, Gretchen Mol, Nina Dobrev

Least favorite dresses: Julianna Marguiles (and terrible hair too), Drew Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow

The nights best looking man : Timothy Olyphant. Smoking!

The Playboy Club

I didn't watch it, and have no intention of watching it until Cassidy Freeman shows up. But from what I've hard, ratings were terrible, so now I'm wondering if its even going to last long enough for her to show up


I didn't watch all of it. I caught the last 20 minutes, then sort of FF'ed through the stuff I missed. I liked MyQuinn joining "the Skanks", though I know there's no point in thinking there's a real story here, so why bother? I find Rachel/Kurt scenes unbearably cloying, and it seems like this season is going to be chock full of them, so I don't see me tuning in regularly. Equally as "nails-on-a-chalkboard" annoying were the Will/Emma scenes. They just don't make an interesting twosome for me, and they turned Emma from being endearingly quirky to seriously stunted. I guess I missed why Santana and Brittany are cheerios again, or was that just glossed over? My favorite musical number was Darren Criss channeling Tom Jones for "Its Not Unusual". I'm glad they are phasing Lauren out, as I found her unlikeable to the extreme. I'm feeling that same way about Becky, though I suppose its un-PC to admit you don't like a character that has Downs Syndrome.

Ringer, Ep 2

Oy Vey! This is not a good show. It apparently fancies itself as some sort of Hitchcockian suspense thriller, but the barrage of "twists" just seem a bit ridiculous to me. And SMG just seems completely over her head with the material. Ioan Gruffudd continues to be the most interesting actor in the cast. Sadly, Nestor Carbonell seems to be consigned to scenes of him showing up, being suspicious. I'm not sure why I'll continue watching this, but some part of me really wants to see it improve.

New Girl premiere

Zooey Deschanel is a very polarizing type of actress, but I happen to like her. And the show was fine. However, here's the problem....I didn't laugh. Was it mildly amusing? Sure. Was it funny? Well, not all that much. The funniest actor on the show was Damon Wayans Jr (who looks like a clone of his father), but he had to bow out of the show after the pilot, and won't be around come ep 2. I did get a kick out of her model best friend too. I'll keep watching it, until Justin Long shows up. Then I think I'll have to bow out, since I just dislike him that much.

Sons of Anarchy, ep 3

I can see this is going to be a roller coaster season for me. I didn't like the premiere at all, really liked episode 2, and just wanted to smack a bunch of people in episode 3. I really, really want Clay to die this season. I think it would be a great shot of creative energy for the show, and I'm just not sure what else there is to do with a character this unlikeable. Though to be honest, "likeable" is a relative term for a show about a biker gang that runs guns, kills people, and now is going to traffic drugs for a Mexican cartel. And Jax, who is our protagonist, is harder and harder to root for. He just makes these completely boneheaded decisions that make absolutely no sense. Its better for him to make money running drugs for a Mexican cartel then let his doctor fiancee support them for a while? And everytime Jax lies to Opie, I kind of hate him. Because I love Opie, and Opie really trusts and supports Jax, and its just not fair. And I don't get Tara. I understand she loves Jax, and wants a family with him, but at what cost? She can't buy the kids a new hi-chair without Jax's OK? WTF is that? She's making a doctors salary? Why is up to Jax what she buys the kids, and what she doesn't? I'd like to see her emerge stronger, and more independent, and I'd like to see her tell Jax how its going to be from time to time. She's such a limp dishrag.

And if I was Gemma, and Clay put hands on me, I'd put a steak knife in his arthritic hand at dinner.

The actors playing Bobby and Opie are really shining this year. And I'm interested in the new storyline for Juice. And the actor playing the Fed is doing an amazing job.

True Blood, the finale

Through the years, I've watched this show off and on, but I really got into this year. But as this season came to a close, I was a little ambivalent. Sookie suddenly being torn between Eric and Bill never felt organic to me. However, if that leads to an Eric/Bill buddy team next season, I'm looking forward to that. No show is ever made better by Scott Foley showing up. And I like Terry and Arlene, so if he's here to cause them trouble, I'm already hating him. Jason and Jessica are a surprisingly good pair, though I felt bad for Hoyt. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this Lafayette is a medium stuff. I was sorry to see Jesus go. Is Tara really dead? Well, I hope so. She's always worked my last nerve. But my favorite potential for next season? Sam and Alcide as friends. I hope they keep that going. I think Sam is probably my favorite True Blood character, though Eric is the hottest.

Archer, season premiere

Funny! OMG, can Patrick Warburton do a voice over on every show? I love him.

On this tonights TV watching schedule:


Time to Update the LJ

Hey Everyone :) So, its been forever, but really, I couldn't think of much to say.

So, lets see....

I spent a long weekend in Maryland with my sister visiting with latxcvi which was a lot of fun.  I did leave my credit card in a restaurant on the last night we were there, which is something I have never done in my life, but I realized it pretty quickly, and the restaurant held on to it, so alls well that ends well.  I got to see the Aquarium, and I always love an Aquarium.  I find them very soothing.

I went to a taping of the new Anderson Cooper daytime talkshow.  At my taping, they interviewed the family of Amy Winehouse, which ended up being the first episode aired.  Yes, they did flash on me in the audience.  As for the show, I thought Anderson was very adorable, and very likeable.  My feelings on the Winehouse family are a bit mixed, as I felt there was a whole lot of denial going on there.  As talented as I thought Amy Winehouse was, I don't see her death as a tragedy as much as a damned shame.  A tragedy is Natasha Richardson skying with her boys, hitting her head on the bunny hill, and being dead in 2 days.  Someone who destroys their body through drugs and alchohol is a damned shame to me.  At least thats how I see it.  Oh, and Anderson's stage manager guy?  Whoa!  So handsome.

Hurricane Irene blew threw here 2 weeks ago, and another one of our trees fell down

The tree actually fell into the neighbors yard, which as I came to find out, makes it his problem according to the insurance laws.  Did you know that if your neighbors tree falls into your yard, even hits your house, its your tree now?  Well, thats how they do it.  But, I didn't feel right about that, so I paid to have the tree removed and am now in the process of trying to get money back from both of the involved insurance companies.  Between dealing with them, and dealing with tree guys, and dealing with my neighbors, its been a bit stressful.

Oh, I have a cold.  Just thought I'd throw that in.

Sons of Anarchy returned last week, and I didn't much care for the season premiere.  But I did like the 2nd episode quite a lot.  I'm easy, give me lots of Jax and Opie interacting, and I'm a happy camper.  I really like Jax as a character, but sometimes I think he's an idiot.  I can't stand Clay.  And I still can't warm up to Tara one iota.

I gave the season premiere of Ringer a try, as I'm desperately hoping to find a few new shows to sink my teeth into this fall.  But I was underwhelmed.  For one thing, I thought Sarah Michelle Geller was terribly miscast.  I didn't buy her as a former addict/stipper, or a NY socialite.  She just doesn't seem to have enough presence.  There are some good actors involved, namely Ioan Gruffudd and Nestor Carbonell, and Mike Colter is very attractive.  But that Kristoffer Polaha person leaves me ice cold.  And the actress playing the stepdaughter was terrible.  And my God, the effects when they were in the boat?  Laughably bad.  I do see some glimmer of hope for this series, but I can't say it had me at hello, if you know what I mean.

The crop of designers on this years Project Runway is underwhelming.

I sort of slacked off on my random Smallville rewatch.  I think I just got bored with it.  I still miss Tom Welling something terrible, and I'm crazy angry with him for not having a job right now that will put his pretty face back on a big, or small, screen.  

So, check in and let me know what you've been doing.  Tell me what shows you'll be watching this fall.  Tell me what trips you have planned.    I miss chatting with my flist.

Hey Everyone :)

 Wow, its been a long time.  Sadly, I don't have much to say these days.  I guess all I had to talk about was Smallville, and I don't have that much more to say about that.

Its an odd thing, because I really did think that I would have a lot more to say about Smallville when it was over.  I figured new ideas would pop into my head, and I'd be asking you folks odd questions, and spurring new conversations.  But the reality is that I haven't felt much inspiration to do that.  I guess I really wasn't kidding when I said that Smallville just wore me down over the last few seasons.  And the last season left me totally underwhelmed and unsatisfied.  And when I do think about Smallville, all I can seem to dwell on is all the things I wish they'd done differently.  Done better.

Which is really strange when you consider that both the new Superman movie, and the new comics Superman seem to be borrowing heavily from ideas and themes that Smallville used just recently.

Sometimes, I wish I could write fanfic because I really would love to put my own ending on the 10 years of series that I watched.  The Smallville ending just didn't quite work for me.  I know saying this is the kind of thing that draws a bulls eye on your back, but since the show is over I don't care.  SV's Clark and Lois?  Nope, not buying that as a forever love.  I've tried and tried to make it work in my head, but it just doesn't.  Of course, its miles more believable then Chloe and Oliver, but I like to tell myself that Clark has little to nothing to do with those two post-SV, so it doesn't quite nag at me in the same way.

But, SV is what it is, and was what it was.  I've been doing a very random re-watch fairly regularly, watching eps out of order, from all the seasons.  And its made something very clear to me.  I'm pretty much an up-through-S5 kind of gal.  I love, LOVE the early seasons.  Its also quite a trip when you do watch randomly, and realize how many times the show retread the same ground over and over and over again.  For instance, in S1's Rogue, Clark loses his temper, and threatens Phelan, and later tells his dad that he wanted to kill him, and he was close, but he didn't.  In S4's Pariah, Clark is so distraught by Alicia's murder that he seems intent on doing the same to her murderer, but he stops (with the help of Lois).  In S5's Vengeance, Clark still reeling from the death of his father comes close to delivering a fatal brand of justice to Martha's attacker, but he stops himself.  In S6's Combat, Clark  questions his own motives for wanting to get into the ring with Titan.  Later, in the S6 finale, Phantom, Clark goes after Lionel when he finds out that Lionel blackmailed Lana into marrying Lex by threatening to kill him.  

Now, mind you, I'm not ragging on Clark, just trying to make a point about the SV writing.

Then, we start off S10 where we have Clark tempted to take out Lex clone (but he stops himself), and AI Jor-El is appalled (he didn't bother being appalled previously), and Clark says "I now know I have it in me to kill".  And see, that's my point.  He freaking knew that IN SEASON ONE.

Sorry, sorry, I'm retreading ground here, I know.  I guess I just wanted to share one of the things I've taken away from my random rewatch.  Another thing?  Clark and Lana were an intense duo, and their relationship is quite different to watch in retrospect.  And Tom and Kristin?  Did a lot of really fine work together.  I can find them both, individually and collectively, frustrating, but I never question the intensity of the feelings there.  A problem that dogged me through S10's Clois.  Also, I miss when I still I liked Chloe.

But, lets move on.

Remember when I was all excited about watching Falling Skies?  Yeah, well, so much for that.  I'm still watching because its only an 8 episode commitment, but man, this show isn't good at all.  First of all, it looks shockingly cheap.  The writing is full of tired old cliches, and rarely has an interesting or original moment.  The cast as a whole is weak, with Noah Wyle being a solid leading actor, but not nearly as strong or charismatic as he needs to be to raise this show up.  And Sarah Carter (SV's Alicia) is miscast in a role she feels too old for.  I keep hoping its going to get better, and since its been renewed for a 2nd season, maybe improvements can be made (they desperately NEED some strong characters and actors added).  But, I doubt I'd watch a 2nd season.

One show that I've not been a big fan of, but that I'm liking more and more this season is True Blood.  I don't always know whats going on, having only sporadically watched it in the past, but this year, its really entertaining.  Sookie is more likable (as is ImprovedLesbian!Tara).  I love what they're doing with Eric.  Bill works better as King then Sookie's boyfriend.  I can't put my finger on it precisely, but its a much more entertaining show.

Sadly, nothing new announced for Tom Welling, but I think I always figured he'd take the summer off.  If this continues onto fall, consider me officially panicked.  In fact, of the SV regulars, it seems only Erica moved on to another gig, with Cassidy having filmed a pilot that we won't see until next year (?).  I'm sure Michael is keeping himself busy.  Justin, Allison and Kristin don't seem to have any new irons in the fire at the moment.  

Sadly, the new crop of shows upcoming in the fall leave me cold.  I'm going to try The New Girl, even though I loathe sitcoms.  But Zooey Deschanel is seriously adorable.  I might check out Pan Am, because I like the nostalgic look of it.  Maybe Prime Suspect, though I really think Helen Mirren left shoes impossible to fill.  The River might be good, but then again, it looks like one of those shows that's mystery upon mystery, with no answers, which is tiresome.  I'm going to check out the dinosaur show, Terra Nova, even though it looks pretty bad.  But I do love me some dinosaurs.  Come fall, I have the return of Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy to look forward.  And come mid-season, I'm anxious to check out the Ashley Judd show Missing, and the update of John Grisham's The Firm (starring a longtime fav of mine, Josh Lucas).  Also Justified will return.  Game of Thrones will probably have to wait until April or May.  So, I guess I'll have some things to watch.  And who knows, sometimes you just stumble on a show that works for you.  I hope that will happen to me.

As for this summer, I've been keeping busy with the insanity at work, and trying to get to the beach as much as I can on the weekends.  I even have a tan!!  As a pasty white half-Irish gal, that's an accomplishment.  

So, how has everyone else been?  Tell me a story :)

Continuing on with More Fun Smallville stuff

For the last round of Favorite Clark Scenes With.... I could only come up with 3 more characters. I almost added in Zod, but then I would've felt like I needed to add Davis too, and well, I just decided to leave them both off.

So, this round goes to Kara, Oliver Queen, and Tess Mercer.

ETA:  Thanks to Wingster, who suggested we add Jimmy to this round.  So, that makes 4!!

What is your favorite Clark scene with those 3 characters. I already have mine picked out, but I need to get to work on my visual aids. :)

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Movies and TV stuff

 I promised myself that I was going to try and talk about something other then Smallville here, because I'd rather not have my LJ dry up and fade away.  But truth be told, I can't think of much to talk about.  So, I decided to try the movies and television.

This summer, me and my sister decided that we'd try to see some of the big summer movies.  This is what we've seen so far:

Fast Five
X-Men, First Class

And I'm planning on seeing Super 8 this weekend sometime.

Fast Five is exactly what that movie should be.  Over-the-top, action packed, corny dialogue and lots of macho posturing.  I loved it!

I know a lot of people loved Thor, but I was a bit bored.  The actor that made the biggest impression on me was the one that played Loki.  Chris Helmsworth is very attractive, but he just didn't do it for me.  But Natalie Portman has never been more charming.

Priest was awful.  And I'm a fan of Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Maggie Q.  But they all seem poorly used here.  And that Cam Giganet (?) person is a terrible actor.  Just not good at all.

Didn't know what to expect from Bridesmaids, but I liked it a lot.  Funny, which you'd expect, but surprisingly poignant too.  Melissa McCarthy steals the show.

X-Men, First Class.  My favorite of the X Men movies, and I've seen them all.  Actually, its the only one that I think is actually a truly good film.  The acting runs the gamut a bit , but James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender absolutely shine, and have incredible chemistry with each other.  And Kevin Bacon is sort of a big surprise in his role.  And the whole 60's look of the film is super cool.  There are parts that drag a bit, but I appreciate that they slowed down the action to tell the story.  

On television, not much going on these days.  But I've been following both Game of Thrones and The Killing.

Now, Game of Thrones is just a home run.  The show has gotten stronger and stronger as its gone on, and its first class performances all around.  Sean Bean can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned, though you really want to slap some sense into his Ned Stark.  And Peter Dinklage is wonderful, and steals every scene he's in.  There's a host of new young actors who don't seem to have much experiance under their belts, but it sure doesn't show.  I'm hoping that S2 is able to captivate me as much as S1 did.

The Killing is a different story.  I thought the Pilot was awesome, but this show moves at a glacial pace, and some weeks is agonizing to get through an hour, and I don't mean that in a good way.  A bigger problem is that the show has taken a very long time to connect storylines, and spent a ridiculous amount of time on a red herring.  The even bigger problem?  I'm not sure there's any character on this show that is entirely likable, to include the female lead.  There's no doubt that these are gifted actors though.  I'm not sure I'd be checking in for a 2nd season unless the show adjusts its approach.

And next Sunday?  Falling Skies.  I'm excited about this one.  Invading aliens, massive death and destruction, plucky survivors becoming Earths last defense?  Count me in.  And look, its SV's Alicia!!!  Glad to hear Greg Beeman is involved with this one.